Musab Al-Zour Kelly, White House, CIA discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News


Neda Baucus is a former CIA targeted. She wrote a book about eliminating al-qaeda, terrorist Abu. Musab al-zour Kelly killed so many innocent civilians, that was the focus of my job. So she knows something about Al Qaeda, and she says that the Iranian government radical, though it may be is not connected to L Qaeda, and that her former colleagues at the CIA are right now trying to make that clear to the White House near going to be going through all the intelligence and then giving them the bottom line about the basically passive relationship. Iran has had with al-qaeda and trying to get the administration to listen to that. But she's worried that just as the White House, ignore the intelligence before invading Iraq. It is ignoring the intelligence now, right now, the White House. The administration is really trying to push through any military action with Iran, based on the two thousand one A M F now usability for. And that's the regulation, we used to go into Afghanistan after nine eleven go after after all Qaeda, which is why they're trying to tie this back to L Qaeda again, so that they can do this under that regulation, while native Lakos is no longer with the CIA. She's speaking out, because she sees us flirting with the same kind of mistake that she witnessed before the decision to invade Iraq, letting an agenda, Trump, the intelligence, they've rose on the CBS News Radio network. Progressives homequote explorer, gives you multiple quote options so you can pick what's right for you. See for yourself at progressive dot com. Attention the Virginia citizens defense league is sounding. The alarm America's rhythms are under attack from the domestic enemies of the constitution through deception anti rice adversaries are trying to disarm Americans, while shredding constitutional protection dill be fooled by red flag laws and promoted gun violence.

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