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Show see our automotive videos and read inside call stories about your next ride you'll find them at our auto experts dot com Megan engine of the studio with us here Megan recently there was a whole bunch of women got together to costs yeah so we have an event every other year called hills on wheels and it's for a female automotive journalists bloggers are female PR people in the car industry they had some female engineers there with the woman that does on the Chrysler pacifica hybrid is a female engineer so she kind of talk to see the car and this is a really need a van because. we've said before there are not a lot of women in the automotive industry so it's really need to get together in network and see each other because we don't our paths don't cross that often so what why on there that many women. you know I don't know I think that is going to be slowly changing. you know changing say well I mean you think a in engineering there's a lack of women too so I mean there's just certain channels you tell me the chief engineer of Pacific or as a woman Brad chief engineer the equinoxes woman we had a bunch of chief engineers on it seems that women have no trouble raising to the tall it's just that the volume of women seems to be less. yeah but I think I mean I think it's going to grow every year so I mean that event two years ago was so much smaller than it was this year I couldn't believe how many women it was double easily so it was really neat to say but yeah so we have the option year over the course of two days to drive a whole bunch of different cars you get about thirty minutes in each car so some of them were you know sports cars they had a Chevy corvette. it was fun and then there's an Aston Martin this is the L. one. there was yeah zero zero one didn't know you had a good time writing that I had a wonderful time how do you know that I I love driving that car so they had an Aston Martin DB S. super Ligero to Bulgaria yeah like era. yes this is this this this supercar that's the some I went to the I drove that Germany in fact interestingly enough the place they took as in Germany to drive that I was looking up at the lake clifftop behind me on the on line I recognize that building where where I'm in the middle of Jim how can I reckon it was Hitler's eagle's nest notion. nice choice of location for the call was amazing. it was amazing to drive Justin this strange location when I drove had this like gorgeous red leather interior and then his hand stitch by one person and that person it takes fifty hours up to fifty are suspicious that what I think is incredible that is that the. the bill that car can look at a call five years later and tell you which person stage the seats they can recognize the so yeah they can tell if it's left handed or right handed like yeah good Sir. it's just crazy so but there were a lot of there were other cars there I mean we had a Nissan Altima there there was a GMC Sierra Denali so I guess all the new six way tell gate. that's cool with that yeah yeah with the stuff you know I I I like it I know not everybody likes about that is really cool the when I drove actually had a speaker in the tail gate so if you're you know tailgating a football game or whatever you can have the the stereo going so the Jetta. GL I was there yeah Audubon that that car is going to be at the run to the son of an you know. how fun that's a super fun little car it's basically a Jetta on steroids yes super fast super well is super great handling it sort of has more of the Audi V. and I am in V. W. hate me to say this but it has some sort of an Audi a four DNA in it this is kind of cool they have one of my favorite cars there they had the Dodge Durango S. or T. now who doesn't love is that it was it just the the five hundred horsepower was a seven on seven holes you know what I didn't I actually didn't get in a chance to drive is I'm not sure that was an opportunity missed let me tell you she had been on the hood of that one. that amazing Kim vehicle smash the rear wheel drive in the amount of power what was your favorite drive out of the vehicles by far was the corvette was it I never saw you was a call that go you know it's funny Gen three it's time driving a corvette but this time I just loved it I mean it just handle so well it sounds though like meaning gritty and are just it's such a powerful vehicle I mean it's just an amazing drive experience after what was the amount like what did you do and we just tried to drive as many cars as we could so. right we can I interrupt just for second take a quick break I want to continue this when we come back listening.

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