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Big three headlines this morning. Well, water stemwinder of a speech last night that Joe Biden gave a lot of people fell asleep, including. I think Ted Cruz. Well, it was going on. But here's the big thing. You need to know, folks. We are embarking on the socialist experiment in this country. Everything that you want everything you desire. Everything you need is going to be taken care of by the United States Government under Grandpa Joe Biden and who's going to pay for it? All those evil rich people. All those evil corporations. Those terrible corporations that have provided many of you with jobs, but they're bad. They're evil. We have to confiscate their profits so we can give us all a great living where we don't have to do anything. Welcome to socialism, folks. We are on the road in America to serfdom. Also in the Big three. Scott Stringer denies the allegation. He's running for mayor. Of course, he denies the allegation that he groped harassed a woman. She came out Gene Kim. Her name is yesterday, saying that 20 years ago he groped and harassed her. Scott Stringer says no belt consensual affair, he said. She said, I don't know where you go with that. But he said, she said, we'll see how that plays out and rounding out the Big three, The feds raided Rudy Giuliani's apartment and his house. Looking for stuff, I guess about his involvement in Ukraine a little concerned about this because I think there's a part on Democrats who now control a lot of levers of justice to punish people. Who supported Donald Trump. So raids on people's houses really kind of bother me, but we'll try to get to the bottom of this what it's all about with our legal eagle, Jesse Webber. He hosts the law and Crime network, and he's the co host of W of ours. Always in fashion, which airs right here in this radio station Saturdays at eight o'clock and Sunday at seven o'clock tonight. Welcome to the program, Jesse. Morning, guys happy to be back with you. Jesse and I'm just being paranoid here, Or is there something to the fact that Ah, lot of people like you know Leticia James Cy Vance, These people who have a lot of power in the legal world who hated Trump and everyone around trump so much they want to investigate. They want to persecute. They want to go after people my being paranoid. There's there was legitimate reasons to raid Rudy Giuliani's house. Who's being paranoid. Put him away. Jesse. Look, I think is a officials and lawyers. They're not just going to go after people for political reasons. I mean, this is a legal and political justification here, because think about it like this first, we'll talk politics, right? If they go and raid ready. Julie's ready Rudy Giuliani's apartment and his office without any evidence that they don't ultimately find anything. Then it makes them look awful. It makes it look like this is political, and it makes it look like they had no justification. They're not going to do that. And the reason I say they're not gonna do this When you go forward with a search warrant in a raid, you have to have significant probable cause particularly when you're going after somebody. Who's a former mayor and attorney and a high profile individual. You're not going to go after them unless you feel that there is credible evidence of criminal wrongdoing, so they know they're something they might already have something, but they want to even corroborate their evidence even more, and it's my understanding that a grand jury has been impaneled and we might hear more of what happened to the next month or so. So this is not political, because at the end of the day if Rudy Giuliani or anybody did something illegal, that's what we're talking about. So just take us through the process who goes to whom? With this evidence, and therefore they get a warrant. How does how does that work? Well, these investigators it's a combination between the Department of Justice. You have to imagine the Southern district of New York prosecutors and they have to go to court to ultimately get a warrant and you have to have probable cause you can't just have a hunch up. You know, I think there's something bad and Rudy Giuliani's apartment and office. No, they already know there's something whether it's Legal for, you know, foreign lobbying. If it's money laundering. If it's tax evasion, it could be campaign finance violations. They already know something they already have something and remember, there were prior associates of Giuliani left partners equal Furman, who already wrapped up in this, and you think that they might have already turned a Giuliani. Now again, we think that there is going to be a grand jury that has been impaneled and we might see more testimony. We're not going to see it. But the grand jury would see it by the end of the month. And I think even Rudy Giuliani's longtime assistant has been subpoenaed. They're building a case against him, and this is a crucial step and a very scary step for Rudy Giuliani. So is this isn't significant, Jesse that Giuliani himself had very little to say yesterday he left it to his son to defend him. I mean, is he thinking? God, I'm I am in trouble, and I can't say much anymore. He released a statement through his lawyer. This is what you would expect to happen. I know that he actually is a radio host that he was supposed to appear yesterday. He did in the fill in host had to come on. I'm not surprised when a big legal development happens like this. You let your lawyer take care of it now. I don't know if he had any coordination with his son on this. I know his son is thinking about a political future, and obviously he's very out. Spoken in this Maybe his independent decision. But when people are the target of a raid like this, you don't usually hear them Unless, of course, you're Roger Stone. If you're Roger Stone, you might come out and say something. But Giuliani is an experienced lawyer. He's not going to say anything at this point, except for his legal counsel. Wrong with Jesse Weber host on the lawn crime that worked a Jesse. I guess we're assuming that Rudy is the target of this at all possible that they have bigger fish to fry that he's just the next rung of the ladder that maybe they're going after Trump on someone else..

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