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I'll put it that remember you, you were a kid, but the race for that elected Mitch McConnell to the Senate. He knew Roger Ailes. Did these bloodhound commercials, where's d Huddleston? That's McConnell and bloodhounds looking all a. For because he had missed some right? Miss votes. Yeah, Roger, Ailes specialty was making someone less someone else less electable. Yeah. Doug Bailey's specialty was to make you more electable and more likable. Probably the most famous race in a Senate contest, maybe in Illinois would be what he did for Chuck Percy. And Chuck Percy to this day was just actually I had flashbacks of it because the current governor of Illinois, he essentially tried the Chuck Percy approach, which is this idea, but may occur well, the may help at yes. And the first time that a candidate Sammy eight. I made a mistake. I let you down worked in it. It did work, but you know what? In eighty four hired Rodger ales Percy goes from Doug Bailey and seventy eight because the party had shifted and he thought he needed to shift to. I, I know this because I ran the campaign for Paul Simon against Percy, and that was when I first met Roger Ailes when we go shooting debates, but. But what it raises the question of this transformation, the Republican party, Doug Bailey's Republican party doesn't exist anymore. And there probably are Doug Bailey Republicans out there among voters, but there yet because of the nature of our politics today, you cannot be what Chuck Percy was, what. A whole series of Republicans Milkin Milliken and Michigan and for people understand Bailey. What's great about Doug is this was who he was his whole life. Do you know as a college graduate student toughs he helped run the writing campaign in the sixty four New Hampshire. Primary that got was either six or sixty four the New Hampshire primary where the ambassador to the Vietnam? Yes, Henry. Wins and Bailey. Doug as basically a graduate student at tufts. Ran that campaign I got to win after he passed away his, his son invited me over to go through some political stuff to see. And I had no idea and he had all these clips up to clips. And it was just the point was he realized that the time the party was going off either too far to the progressive in or two part two of the modern and too far the conservative. But he was always about sort of disruption through voters, disruption through small deed democracy and what I, that's who sort of I learned a love politics from in some ways, sort of an extension of my father, but also the fact that he never changed who he was. He was pushing for sort of this consensus based politics his whole his whole life. Now, I'm curious question back at you because it's a question and I'm gonna ask both. You and we're going to be doing that with Karl rove is. Because I saw Mark mar presented this to me, my deputy, my sort of partner and fellow at the institute politics versus Chicago. And he had been doing basically, he's been NBC longer than I have..

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