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Turning back to demands like California and Alaska. So this is gaining some momentum there. In Russia, first of all, you've got Dmitri Medvedev Medvedev forgive me saying that we might have to put the U.S. in its place a very cryptic cryptic thing to say, well, simultaneously, you've got state news commentators. They're in Russia saying that they need reparations because of all these sanctions. These sanctions that the U.S. is putting on the country of Russia because of the devastation and destruction it's committed in Ukraine. By the way, I love sanctions. I'm a big believer in sanctions the best way, however, for all those sanctions to work is for everybody to be on board. So we need everybody joining us. We need to be holding hands as a world united against this evil monster that's killing so many people. So really important, we all be on the same page, which is why it's critical that China come to the table and work with us here. They have got a huge opportunity in front of them. Let's hope they take this anyway back to this idea that they would take California or Alaska. That's the commentator saying, we want reparations, you know, because this is going to be economic hardship for us, so you should suffer. We need California and Alaska talking about territorial expansion, right? They're saying we're not going to contain this just to Europe. I'm laughing. It's actually not funny, although I will say that all of you have been pointing out, well, hey, they can take California. We'll give it to them.

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