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The name Nick Mullins before last night. But he led the forty Niners to thirty four three beatdown of the raiders Jon Gruden in Oakland one in seven CC. What's gone so wrong for the raiders? Jon Gruden got beat by dude wasn't him official on Twitter before the game started. Do not verify he got their fide at halftime far out of Winston eat from cassava miss. That's his that's his squat man city mound. Tweet. They verified do before. It ended the game. Jon Jon Gruden got a hundred million dollar contract. You'll meet eight thousand dollars of it. Because I heard Nick Mones was starting. I saw that the the Niners were still favored by pointing a half. I teased the raiders with everything this week and raider plus seven and a half in the Panthers. And I happened the chiefs grave. The vikings. They're all dead. Hero debt. You don't listen to me? What did I say yesterday on the show? I didn't know who the quarterback was going to be but cows Shanahan is the real quarterback. Nick Mullins blow. Yeah. Out gruden. I'm a need something on it. I need I football you need to listen to me. Okay. To the NBA Draymond green has been very transparent about his goals for the season. When asked about winning defensive player of the year. He said, quote, I need that bad. He does why this. Monto get defensive player of the year this year, if I had a vote, which by the way, NBA what the hell. Vote for him sight unseen. You know, here's why it's so important of Draymond. Here's what if he gets defensive player of the year. He's eligible for that supermax that extra sixty million. They can put all okay, I'll tell you this much, you know, who's not rooting for him to get Joe lake. Oh, yeah. Those those neighbors ownership is gonna take kindly if he's eligible, and they don't give it to dry on Flynn best events of your life. I've never seen him play any better. I listen words, you might have to make a choice.

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