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Kind of giving props journey that little kick-me adds A. He gave me to do better. You should do better started running. Started EVEN DINING. Just kinda eating better like okay. If I'm getting this smaller portion of it kind of Saudi reading started I was generally writing writing writing of it. I always wondered. Do I have what it takes to make a good option? I speak the language. Well I write it. Well let me just give it a shot and so I started stopped kind of intriguing. It's make reality. You can make anything. He wants trying to have some fun with the characters in some of the people listening basketball at the end of some of the listeners. Like we talked about this later. Those are the Indyk coming out replying. It's really as busy as you say on our love writing. I'm not really reading which I should be doing. The challenge riding and then it just kind of being creative in the sense of like thoughts in though sometimes I might some dumb. I'm like okay if I was in this situation. I don't like hypotheticals just kind of trying to make a story will forcing yourself yet and I mean it the same way. I interpreted totally forming financially. And every which way but I'm like this is really enjoyable last week. I believe it was Wednesday. I fucking read. A book started finish one on a four mile run and our podcast episode. One day This is life man. I shouldn't have to be working ten hours a day. Trying to make like okay. We'll fade into kind of woken up. This decision.

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