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Are you breaking news daily? Jacoby. Not that mean. That's what I would do Levin would give in seven for four in Lonzo ball. An Lonzo ball Levin and seven foreign ball. That's what I would do interesting. Is that going to happen? We'll see. But that's what I would do. He didn't deny anything. They get any kept repeating. That's what I would do translate that for us that feels like there's something to that. And we you know we talked about last week because there were smoke around that. And when the, the pelicans and the Lakers, did their deal. Everyone's wondering why the bulls were a third party to I'm gonna stay firm though with my thoughts on having trading for Lonzo ball trading away shooting trading four Lonzo ball and having the fourth pick which if you're going to have the fourth pick, you would assume you would trade for to get Darius garland. So then why would you also train for point? It feels very redundant rare. So that makes me feel like they would trade for per over something and pick him with the fourth and go along the ball. The Lonzo ball thing I've warmed up to just a little bit just because I do think this bulls roster like needs something I don't think it's long ago, but it needs something I think there's, there's such a like, if a bunch of nice players and market and to find, you know. To maybe take a swing expenses with one of these guys whose tied drastic last couple years, I can see the reasoning behind that, but going up to four and then getting Lonzo ball seems so crazy to me. You know what it will happen? They will actually I just talked myself into exactly what will happen. Jalen rose, confirmed it and guard packs in their draft strategy confirmed as well. We know that they were fans of Lonzo coming out of college so maybe they everything, right? That's how you get Chris dumb that votes for providence to detectable is not a good pro, and they say, well, we loved him come out of college straightforward. It's crazy that they don't update their and I'm not saying Lonzo stocking dramatically fallen, but you see what it is. And I told gave you guys this line last week. But I love saying it over and over, because it makes you feel like an insider, but it's a maker mislead and so you have long ago balls your point card. You can't score. You can't you three he and he's a great passer, and he's a really good defender. But like he's not, you know what I mean? You can't you can't try out up on guys. You can't spread the floor. I know Burt marketing had anything. I don't I don't like. I'm not warm to that concept of that being, you know, highly likely either, do they believe that they can play. With garland and Lonzo ball in the same back court. I mean that, that would be interesting. But again, like I don't know if you have this. I don't like you have two guards and neither of them is a plus plus shooter. I feel like that's not a recipe for winning in the NBA today. The one thing I will say they will throw in on the pro side of Lonzo ball coming to Chicago if that were to happen. I think I think lavar ball, just move into caps house rights and just be hanging out all the time, like he would he would be on every, I think we would get before ball on like the cubs post game report, as well. He you know, it's funny because now Kappa soured on him. You know, he was he twice right away. He challenged him to a coaching contest during one of those appearances. And then now all of a sudden now he doesn't wanna talk to lavar ball again. We can rekindle that, that I think that has to be part of the trade, I think it has to be written in that he lavar ball has to be sitting next to cast for all, you know, on the field at Wrigley for X amount of pre game shows before the cops. That would be that's the new captain company. Oh, yeah. Yes. Speaking of Wrigley..

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