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The rain coming down at a know where you are. You might be getting some of this rain to we were told about a forty percent chance. And I think it's a little bit more with the clouds looks very ominous outside this morning, but it is ten degrees. Warmer today than it was yesterday as I sit here, and I look at the temperature right now. And I'm not sure how to pronounce this town. But this is the town that everybody's talking about. Bebbits-jeffey in Minnesota. Minus thirty nine degrees Fahrenheit. That doesn't include the wind chill. Can you? Just for one moment. Imagine minus thirty nine decrease. I mean, that's that's way past bone shorts. And this deep freeze its sweeping across you that at saints has left at least twelve people dead with these record-breaking low temperatures stopping postal services in the mid west canceling more than three thousand flights two people died in Detroit after temperatures started plummeting late Tuesday and police found a man's body across the street from his home in the Detroit area yesterday. He was not wearing a hat or gloves wasn't dressed for blow zero temperatures a seven year old man was also found dead in Detroit in front of a neighbor's home yesterday. An eighteen year old university of Iowa student found outside of academic building about three o'clock in the morning Wednesday. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. A fifty five year old man froze to death in Milwaukee and a garage after he collapsed shoveling stow.

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