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Sort of toby being a young right shed driver who is trying to make connections with passengers who find it difficult to understand how he can effectively communicate as a deaf young man it's a hard it's a hard it's it's a it's a lightly approached hard topic and that was that was what was actually the hardest one of the hardest one of the hottest bits i didn't i wasn't able to think about until we did today you'd be surprise how frightening is having to draw even a crew principal actress and the director watch this marcos was looking at this thing and it wasn't going to miss a beat he was on it like a call and he just wouldn't and the windows were covered i was thinking my god this is gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna kill everyone gonna kill everyone myself and luckily i didn't 'cause i'm an okay drive but props because this was the part i knew he was really completely gifted artists from from watching him work not just in his his wonderful work that he's done on screen but but it was watching him in these classes that i was getting to observe and having him rehearse with me but but when i was completely like john the floor was when we're doing some actual filming day or doing some scenes and i kind of i needed to do my lines a couple times and i had to have a pretend phone convert well a phone conversation with someone who's not actually talking to me and not being a pro it's not easy for me and he was so kind at one place more that would help you if i pretend to be the other person on the other line i said well probably so wild driving all of us and not crashing the car in traffic going down was that sunset boulevard.

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