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Think. We're live yet. We're live. What's up, everybody Skaric with a C G, and I'm here with silver and Johnny and reg from do international podcast. What we're finishing a discussion that you're just GonNa have to sit here and listen to only anyway taking out your tax. Yeah. Like. The idea of dragging them out is just rough, but that's how people take him out. Because they'll be like pinch amount, I'll be up. Fuck you I'm not pinching monae ball like that makes no sense overworked for me i. always got them in easily enough right in the mouth again of the finally managed my. I was completely read. So I have a weird extra muscle, supposedly or muscle definition in a part of my eye, which caused him is to flick show. We talked about the air pressure. You know when you get. Your eyes checked up and I. They can't do it on me because I'm too quick like he's like dude, I just don't understand can't get your. I can't get a reading, and so my I would be. Oh, dude, yeah. Yeah would rough like it would look like you got poked in the eye when I got done. And then the contact isn't helping anymore. Because your eyes are gummed up from your own tears, it's good times. Good Times its mass. We're talking about the weakness of human being the. Even if you don't have that, you have the issue of the going to the grocery store. Then you drop the contact oh dude. Minutes looking for you know we're all lucky. Though my dad had hard contacts, so I had soft. My Dad had hard contact, so if you get a hair, it hurts with the soft contact like you know you're like something's wrong, but you know if some Harrison your I normally right, but a hard contact. I wore hard context one time and I was like. It was the most brutal fucking thing I've ever felt in my life, a single bit and I'll be honest. Man I wasn't the best at keeping everything clean when I put one into because you're doing ten things in the morning, so you got like dusty pill bottle you open it and dust. All over everywhere, and then you grab your contact can stick it in, and you're like Oh. That stings a little bit. I gotTA wait for my. My tears to wipe that. Keep that contact cleaned with a hard contact. You can't do that, so they have to Spritz it with that silicon shit in the fucking sailing and you have to those my dad would have to go and stare at it like a horror movie. And put it on his I am I. Do not like I'd rather cut myself with the fish can. What's up everybody? Adjusting to new lenses is the worst. We're just talking about what it's like to be. Real humans here used to wear glasses contacts. Yes, that's what yeah glass the hard context are. They're rough anyway. We're talking about some random stuff. Someone, Senhor, some say horror movies. No, yes, actually I did. Somebody subscribed. Jimmy stretches subscribe for fourteen months. Fungus subscribed for seventeen I feel like I just read funguses nameless podcast though. Oh timing wise just could've overlapped such a unique. No, that is true. That is true. It's like whenever sounds German comes in I'm just like. A. Or Win tool used to be masturbated. In Patriot. And I would I never knew it was tool and masturbated with the same person. Because you sign up for patron. You'd think you'd want to business like, but he's like masturbaters all right. Oh speaking of Patriot Jesus. Thank you, everybody. WHO's business maybe? Hey. It's Germany. I do want to say thanks, everybody. We've got a bunch of new patrons. It's been a an honor to have you guys sign up. Hopefully you'll see some more stuff from us. Just constantly trying to move forward and do a bunch of videos. We're going to be talking. Be Spoiler free. And what I mean by spoiler free is, we'll make sure to tell you all the locations of all the bad guys and their names and if We're not spoiler free for ghost of Cheam. We're just going to discuss what we think of it. Get my dog agrees. I can already tell the screaming loud on his part. We've got. Houses Bartlesville Free Yeah. Yes, well, this'll be free. You won't have to pay for those, but five dollars will stop us from talking about spoilers. Every thirty seconds five. Just keep donating five bucks, but we're going GONNA. Be talking about a bunch of stuff when it comes to gaming I, don't think we have any really sad news or or bad news this week. Which is nice. I think the last couple. Couple of weeks of been dominated by last of US bullshit. Just that uncomfortable bullshit. You guys can expect a video. I was telling these guys from me that basically states sense users. An critics agree on Costa Sonoma. Anybody who said users and critics disagree is a fucking liar. Just got to figure out how to do that video. It's just a joke video to get mad about it, but clamped about it. Check out a life. Go figure something out. Don't watch anymore. You you take A. Confirmation bias thing where people remember all the Times where critics and users disagreed. And they don't consider the Times that we're the agreements just normal. Is Normal. Yeah, so we're GONNA. Be Talking about all that kind of stuff anything you pop in topics and we'll be answering some questions. Let us begin. You know actually I want to talk about Halo Three Halos GonNa. Get skipped if we don't talk about. Halo Halo is the least. I. Don't know what the newsworthy right now. Even though it's a big deal, so so halo infinite. We know we're seeing at the XBOX event. Sorry we saw a trailer and then Halo Three. This last weekend opened up anybody but me. I haven't. As part of Okay Astor election. So you guys have it, but nobody's tried it out. Yeah So. Audience fixed. You don't have the reach audio member. Reach had the fuck, and for a lot of us had what I would consider unplayable audio, so that's fixed. Watch some streams of it played just a little bit and. Halo Three. It's my favorite Halo I. Don't know about you, guys I don't know if we've ever rated. Hey, we're not a halo channel I. Don't know if we've rated Halos. Anybody in the in the in the stream can read them. Do you remember I? Don't remember? Anybody's score threes my favorite, but is near his mind. Re Okay, okay reaches years. What about you read or do you even play him enough to rate them? I can't remember. I only played the new ones. Really okay. Let's play the older ones all right. I only ever really played the story. Campaigns never really played the multiplayer right. Which I think that's what gets into the like the weird. You know differences. What about you Johnny? For me, it's the opposite I've only ever played multiplayer on Halo, because a friend had xbox I was always like a playstation guy, right and at the time you know. Very close friend had halo and we did a lot of. Halo three multiplayer. We did a ton of that I was very bad at it, but it was fun. That's really interesting. Somebody says turtlenecks are back in style. Dude. Everything is installed the thing you know, you can dress anyway I just yesterday i. I sorta risked my life and I went outside. and. Everybody else's life, technically because I'm probably not the best person to be around when I just don't want to exist with other people and I go in there or I go out to a store and I see it looked like. It looked.

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