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Before it's too late. Pretty really really going there. But I mean that's about a personal testimonies. You can get it's very personal. And the reason that Democrats are so focused on healthcare is that it's an issue that voters really care about back in twenty sixteen Republicans talked about repealing replacing the Affordable Care Act voters hated the Affordable Care Act. They wanted something better Republicans get into power voters. The what the replacement would be and that they don't like it. And they shouldn't we realize that while they're not crazy about the ACA. They like it better than what Republicans were putting forward. And now Healthcare's become a Republican problem. We've seen a lot of Republican candidates with constant governor. And in Missouri Senate candidate there Holly all of a sudden coming around talking about how they'll protect preexisting conditions. I mean, this is an issue that is personal for a lot of people. And it's been amazing. Just all the candidates who suddenly have relatives who have pre existing conditions that are being paraded out to save covering the healthcare fight for majority of Mike adult careers journalist watching this as whiplash inducing. I mean here news today in Idaho, deep red, Idaho. Governor Butch otter wants to expand Medicaid now. There's there's a ballot initiative there's a bunch of red states ballot Medicaid expansion. This was like such a slam dunk for Republicans for years, and they must be thinking themselves like what the hell I mean last year happened. What happened was the Republicans actually had the electoral numbers to be able to do something about it and people stood up. They force Republicans actually backtrack on that message. And they heard that. And so yeah, people like Susan Collins list, the most proud she's ever taken. Against repeal. But you also have people in deep red states people like Scott Walker now running ads saying that they are going to be the best suited to to help those with pre existing conditions. Have you heard this from voters on the trail healthcare? Exactly voters are really motivated around healthcare. It's one of the top policy issues. You see that's even almost foremost than taxes or anything else that that has been another theme throughout this campaign season. Jenna Johnson stead Herndon? Thank you both. If it's Tuesday that means there's a new episode of our podcast, out wise is happening. This week's guest truly blew my mind, which if you listen, you'll be able to tell I keep saying, wow. Wow. That's wild. Michael Tessler breaks down the narrative, the rise of identity. Politics began with the election of Donald Trump. When reality shows there's much more to that story. You can check it out on apple podcasts or anywhere else. And here's a fun bonus. While you're downloading that you should also in my humble opinion. Check out the first two episode.

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