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I think him being on the field makes a huge difference because part of the reason hunter Henry wasn't as involved last week is the bill's basically took the safety. They normally leave over the top. All of a sudden he kill Harry's out there at the ex? They're not worried about putting that safety over the top, right? Yeah. All of a sudden, that guy crashes down into the box and he's helping either just just take away the middle of the zone or he's helping with contra Henry and man. So and they did it on some other on some other receivers too. But I think having Nelson Aguilar out there does make things a lot easier for them beating coverages offensively. I'm not saying that they're fine that everything's okay when they have Nelson Aguilar out there, but it's better. Right, so that was my next one. Was factor fiction and we just found out about 20 minutes ago before we started hitting record here and started taping. That Nelson Aguilar is out again this week with that concussion. So it's going to be mikiel Harry at the ex again for the Patriots a second week in a row. Factor fiction, Nikhil Harry is a significant drop off from Nelson Aguilar because now I feel like we're getting into full on fact with that, right? Yeah. And he is a 110% a much better, more effective player than Nikhil Harry and you just see it like you were saying and I'm saying fact obviously to this, you were saying this spacing, right? The route spacing that you can see where they are threatening more grass. They're just threatening more of the field. When Nelson aguilera is out there versus Nikhil Harry and to your point, buffalo is fine with leaving Nikhil Harry one on one. They said, if Matt Jones is going to throw an armpit in 45 yards down the field and they're gonna beat us like Nikhil Harry did against Indianapolis where he goes above the rim and wins a contested catch down the field and they're gonna consistently do that time in and time out. So be it. So be it if that's how they're going to win, we're going to have those safeties crowd the middle of the field and make sure that those guys aren't the ones that beat us. So Nelson agaro takes that safety with him a little bit more consistently. And I think Nelson aguilera also, if you give him single coverage down the field, is going to create more separation that maybe that worries defensive coordinators a little bit more at those throws down the field become more consistent. By the way, Cincinnati is in the red zone, Alabama had to take a time out because their defensive backstop tackling. Oh, good job. Yeah. The fact that you're fixed and Alex, you sorry, I thought I explained it before. Yeah, no, it's a fact, because you lose that burn or ability the team's need. Corners can catch up to Nikhil Harry. They can't catch up to Nelson snuggler. That's the difference. I think teams are comfortable covering Nikhil Harry without safety.

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