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Sunny skies a high of 86 Tonight's low 61 right now sunny skies a 67 degrees 8 32 at news Radio 1200 W. Away I bill to allow the unlicensed carry of handguns in Texas is on its way back to the House after its party line passage in the Senate Wednesday. Nearly eight hours of debate. Some GOP amendments to the bill were adopted in order to win the support of several reluctant Republicans. GOP Senator Charles Shorter of Georgetown says businesses can still pass rules to keep open carry off their premises, All 18. Senate Republicans voted in favor of the bill, and all 13 Democrats opposed it, Governor Abbott a signal he would sign the bill into law. Meantime, opposition is building against proposed voting changes in Texas Today, the Texas Legislature will take up a voting bill that Republicans say is needed to come. Bad voter fraud. But they face pressure from groups like the faith based Texas Impact, which opposed the plan to allow poll watchers to videotape people When they're casting a ballot. The group's be, Moorehead says. That's more than creepy. Get a camera up in somebody's face and say, Just keep doing what you're doing. Don't mind me. I'm not hurting you. If the person keeps saying it's bothering me, then it starts to become malicious. They also oppose a ballot harvesting provisioned, which they feel criminalized helping your neighbor put a ballot in the mail. Marco Moreno NewsRadio 1200 W Away. I police reform bill that requires officers to intervene and report a fellow officer using excessive force is now before the Texas House representative Ron Reynolds, the sponsor of the bill, says it doesn't target good cops. The House has given its initial approval, which Reynolds says would benefit everybody involved. Meantime, the Texas House is moving to increase criminal penalties for people who block a roadway if it interferes with an emergency vehicle or hospital entrance. Last year's death of George Floyd. In the custody of Minneapolis. Police touched off violent riots across the nation, including in Texas. Hundreds of riders were arrested for blocking Texas highways. The bill requires a final vote from the full house before it heads to the Senate for approval. A man was arrested after intentionally driving into a group of people, killing a woman and injuring four others. In Harris County overnight near the Katy Freeway. Sheriff's deputies say a fight started inside a restaurant between a group of people and spilled into the parking lot. That's when the suspect intentionally drove into the group of people, hitting five of them and then drove off. A woman died at the hospital, while two others were taken to the hospital to other victims were treated at the scene. The suspect later returned to the scene and was immediately taken into police custody. The bite in Justice Department is going to appeal a federal judge's decision to overturn the national eviction ban. The DOJ has already filed a notice of appeal to the D C Circuit Court of Appeals and is also seeking a stay. This comes after a trump appointed federal judge in D. C struck down the executive order Wednesday, delivering a victory for the property owners who have challenged the moratorium. The CDC has banned most evictions in September of last year Invited extended that protection to renters until July. Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney is pushing Republicans to stay away from what she calls a trump cult of personality. Cheney argues the former president should not be part of the GOP's future. Washington Post column published last night, she said the Republican Party is at a turning point of vote to remove her from leadership could take place next week. She argued the GOP needs to be brave enough to defend the basic principles that protect freedom in the democratic process. Cheney's comments come as she may be forced out of party leadership. She's the House Republican Conference chair, the third ranking GOP posed in the chamber. Trump has publicly backed representative Elise Stefanik to replace her. We'll cruise lines will be able to go on trial voyages to see if the big ships can sail safely during the pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given ship operators final guidelines for trial runs featuring volunteer passengers. Among those guidelines. Each practice, Cruz has to have enough passengers to fill the ship to at least 10% capacity. Everyone on board has to wear a face mask and practice social distancing. And the CDC says cruise lines have to warn those volunteers that sailing during a pandemic isn't inherently risky activity. Each practice crews will run 2 to 7 days and passengers have to be examined for covert symptoms before and after. Some of the cruise line's air, hoping to get back to business, possibly by July..

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