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We know you love podcasts but these days when it comes to support a like on facebook just won't credit so take action visit casey rw dot com slash join and now join thank you i'm kim masters and this is the hollywood breakdown joining me as richard rush field editor in chief of the anc ler a daily newsletter about hollywood and hollywood is talking about the star wars franchise lucasfilm has dispatched yet another director this is after they got rid of josh tranc who didn't even start so that might not be fair he did fantastic for fox and it didn't go well and there were problems and they they got rid of him before he started then we went on to lord end miller who were dispatched from young an hunt solo ease were guy's much more established then a young guy like josh tranck and now collins rivaro who did jurassic world's had once he's in that pattern he had one small movie then he did jurassic world boom they hired him and in the script stage now he's out to paraphrase oscar wilde you lose one director that's a tragedy lose to it seems like carelessness you lose three in every young director you work worth it seems like there's some sort of problem there and it feels like they are trying to take marvels playbook of hiring young upandcoming directors people who could put a little touch in it but directors i would understand their part of the machine and know their place ultimately a somehow feels like something out lost in that conversation that uh either people weren't understanding that coggan machine part or the i don't think they will i mean i think cathy kennedy runs lucasfilm really did want to hire people who would put a touch on it but the thing is star wars is a highly established universe very specific.

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