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I really really do appreciate it chris matthews that i had an interview some years ago and at the beginning of the interview i ask him whether or not the with his job as a journalists to make the comment that he makes and here's what happened larry over here he a host of msnbc hardball in the chris matthew's show you also have a new book out called jackie kennedy elusive hero please welcome to the show chris matthews chris thank you for coming on appreciate it thank you larry chris first do you still feel that as a journalist it's your job to help obama succeed what currently my job to help a new trade and that was my goal when i said and i think that was when i voted for bush in two thousand and hope that he would do well and make them decisions i couldn't live with china when that comes with obama i will break would have so far he's done i think he should he hasn't been the leader i think he should be but he's made the decision i think i would you consider yourself with john yarmuth germs i'm a columnist i'm going to a commentator i'm not a journalist you think you're you're an object down the middle journeys elemental though i was so lightly to the left slated to left i think forty our line for example ed when you said this here's a party just keep keeping the list they want more people the fry they love executions they want people that don't have insurance that die on the gurney in a hospital bed they want that to happen they want the forget about illegal aliens gay soldiers forget about it they're not there the fbi booed if you are homeless foreclose on and they have a home foreclose on the.

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