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You have to stay on, Nina. Should we just mentioned mentioned quickly that I fall? I don't think necessarily Gracanica me line. I losing John Tyke is potentially the disaster for general January. I think that he's going to school more than half of their goals. They want one other loss fifteen matches. And the only reason that I don't think this is gonna because we had this before show said they could get in relegating you love that it one winning fifteen games. They've had the only reason they might not get relegated making dumb decision to sell the team scoring goals is because this is such terrible teams beneath is is the only reason I think they'll probably be okay, you're going to Cavo that'd be the starting to build on your. Right. So strike who doesn't go to school. You never know. What could happen just before? That would just a quick question. Going into Kilby successive Chelsea. Can you define success? But are the Moda? I mean. Fool. Yes. I think if you set the bar there, then fine. I think given the insane wages he's on which were given to him by putting model that you, of course. Well, no, but Chelsea start to agree to it. But chose I we don't have a solid hold on the numbers yet. All we know unless you guys know different and are willing to out on a limb with your numbers is that he's coming on loan. There are certain certain targets are reached both by the club. I'm by hand than the loan. Could automatically be extended to eighteen months. And in terms of loan fee. I don't think anything is decide. I haven't seen any hard numbers on those nor have any hard numbers on who's actually paying the bulk of earrings wages, I shoot Chelsea will pay the bulk. But I don't know if you've ever gonna kick in some money like the kicked the kicking some money when he was at when he was at on. So. I don't know. I think there's a whole veto like what they call the the steps where they hit certain targets. And then he has to stay in other year here in to you of Chelsea don't want him. He just going to disappear the last month of the season. Just so make sure that they're not a situation where they're forced to take this guy. I those insane wages, and that's when if it doesn't work out. Let's hear you the fan. You know, you'll be you'll be cheering on Wayne because the big risk if he doesn't work out is that he goes back. I wouldn't mind. Through you wouldn't mind, but the bean counters with two out to pay for for for Cristiano Aaron Ramsey and all the other stuff without selling planet and do ballot. I guarantee you that they will mind that very much if you come back city, but from one pole to another we go from take two two billion skewed. You know, it's been seven how many goals is he gonna eleven goals in seventeen appearances twelve which he started. Yeah. So five substitute. I mean that's nominal figures for a guy that it wasn't supposed to be a staunch under Carlo Ancelotti head loved Infineon Mertens. And instead, they they missed for like, you said introducing this segment you said that four of that best pay is missing their best defender this in my column on their best defender best player might being included Bali out their best midfielder, Alan out their best attacking player, arguably in senior out and skipper. Who comes not the hamster cove, yesteryear? But you know, and to be able to go into a game, you know, like the lots of game with all the pitfalls stuff that can occur when you play lots. I'm play. So I think they hit the woodwork three times. Plus the other times when he was ruled offside. Hot trick to be next. But I think easily, and you know, and and the other thing too that we've seen is true Nilai, Judy. Mommy, the scores. All of a sudden you're wondering, oh, that's my one criticism of clothes. They should have closed earlier, especially considering Francesco chubby was sent off with the right to yellow cards and this minute. What worries me about Nazi? Oh is again a top team and they fail and they want crater enough. They were so good in the first ten minutes. I thought okay. This is something impressive. Maybe they can they can do it..

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