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Dream of joining Britain's armed forces. Julie had grown up in late the largest city in the northern English county of West. Yo Shaw where she still lived with her mother. On Tuesday July, nine, nineteen, ninety-one Julie, spent the day with her boyfriend twenty year all Dominick Nari who lived in the nearby suburb of gitten. At six o'clock in the evening, the couple went to dominique sister rose's house where Julie helped prepare meal of Roast, Lamb and Yorkshire Pudding. After They Dayton, Juliet excused herself to start not shift at the hospital where she'd recently started working as an orderly. At seven forty five PM. She cased Dominic Goodbye and departed wearing a black skirt with a pink and black jacket. At, nine Peon Julie Find Dominique to say she would be working until eleven thirty PM and would then return to her Gnheim. Dominique noticed that there appeared to be music. Playing in the background is though Julie were calling from a POB. Two days past and dominate could didn't hear from Julie. Then on the morning of fraud. Agent Lights Twelve. He received an unexpected visit from his sister rose, who had found a handwritten envelope addressed to hin amongst her male. There was a letter inside written in Julie's handwriting which read. Dominic helped me plays of Ben. Kidnapped and obeying held as a personal security until next Monday night. Please go until my mom straightaway. Love you so much, dominic? Mom find the police stride away and helped me. Have not eaten anything, but I'll have offered food. Feeling a bit sick, but on drinking two cups of Tape Day. Mum Dominic. Help me. Love You all? Julie..

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