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Start a stretch of quite nice weather actually dry weather straight through the weekend. Just a mix of sun and clouds for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all three days getting into the middle of the week high in the mid fifties, right by the coast, and if you're inland you'll find each day it gets up into about the low to mid sixties. Now for your Friday, we start to see it cool off ever so slightly all of us in the mid fifties Friday and straight through the weekend, But again, it stays dry. So if you've got some planting to do now might be the time to do it right now. We've got 51 degrees in North Adams seeing 54 in New Bedford. North of town, 53 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Right now, in Boston. At 7 35. It is cloudy and 52 out to Minneapolis. Now we're day six of witness testimony has wrapped up in the murder trial of former officer Derrick Show Vin. Today, the Minneapolis police chief testified and told the jury show Van's actions violated protocol. Minneapolis police chief Madeira Aaron Dondo says former officer Derrick Show Vin did not use reasonable force when pinning his knee on George Floyd's neck. That is not perfect policy. That is not what we teach and that should be Condoned. He added that the more than nine minutes it took place was not police policy. Once Mr Floyd had stopped resisting, and certainly once he was In distress and trying to verbalize that that that should have stopped at least Matteo CBS News and it's 7 36, a woman from Winchendon is recovering tonight after she fell in the Net Knock State Park. Apparently she fell right over a rock ledge while she was hiking without a light. It's all happened right around 8 30 last night, authorities say Jennifer public over fell and got lost as it got dark. She tried to call 911 on her phone, but her cell phone battery died during the call. That's when officials say she panicked. She took off running down a trail in the dark, but that's when she fell right off a rock ledge about 20 ft High. She suffered serious injuries on her right side. During that fall, conservation officers went out to look for her later found her and rescued her. And again she is on the mend tonight from that fall. Is a non profit on Cape Cod. Advocating for small businesses. WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe reports They're pushing for new legislation on Beacon Hill that would force insurance companies to pay up for pandemic related losses. The CEO of Love Live local Amanda Converse feels many struggling restaurants and businesses on the Cape have been wrongly denied their business interruption insurance claims despite suffering significant losses, Some insurance companies come right out and stayed in their policies that viruses are not included, but many don't have virus. Exclusions, and they're still denying claims converses legislation's been filed on Beacon Hill. That would change that insurance companies across the country have been blanketly denying business interruption. Insurance claims were attempting to right that wrong by advocating for legislation at the state level insurance industries are regulated out of state level, so it's a state by state basis. Insurers argue that most policies only cover physical damage to a commercial property. Kim Tana Cliff WBZ ball Austin's news radio. And it's 7 37 before we check business, So let's go to Worcester. Rodney Harrigan lives in Worcester, and recently he struck it rich on the lottery winning 10 million bucks on an instant ticket. WBC's true, Mo Holland says he wanted to find out a little bit of something about where the ticket was sold of corn market manager Vee Jay Patel says it's their first big ticket like this, they've sold and they get a piece of the lottery pious well. B 50,000? Yep. The stories of getting $50,000. And it was a regular customer who won, right? Yes. You must be happy to see one of the regular customers come in and do this, huh? Yeah, absolutely thrilled. This you can tell VJ. Tell me a little more about this pup Corn market, Will you the convenience store? It's a convenience store. Do you actually sell popcorn? No huh. Fascinating. Germ. O Holland WBZ Boston's news radio..

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