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The fraph boys there for the charter revoked or something if they found out he was so drunk via while they were governor onassis two minutes after cordell davis is pleading and they shoved up against the wall greg rizzo one of the four who carried piazza up the stairs sends a group message to other brothers this text message tim piazza might be a problem he fell fifteen feet down a flight of stairs headfirst going to need help but they never did anything by 1214 am one brother tackles another into the couch landing on top of a prone and still unconscious timothy piazza landing right odd now remember one of the things he had was a ruptured spleen right yeah i'm sure that helps right over the next hour and a half various fraternity members observe piazza vomiting and witching on the couch he's basically going into convulsions they still do nothing to 25 a m hours now after he fell piazza falls off the couch is picked up slammed back onto it by three fret boyce two minutes later one of those a joseph m's is seen striking piazza hard in the abdomen with an open on why dole no three fifty nine am having rolled onto the hardwood floors some time earlier piazza attempts finally to stand the backpack comes off the yachts of falls backwards hitting his head on the floor he makes another try at four thirty one five thirty six am piazza stands and staggers toward the lobby area of the house but falls headfirst again into an iron railings leading to the house's secondstorey landing on a stone the floor at this point his blood alcohol content is estimated to have lowered two point one nine two pau wait two four by 603 a brother frederick stumbling begins to lead piazza to the house's great hall but piazza falls down three steps getting there and styling just leaves them on the floor seven thirty four yummy fellow pledge a kkob canoe september satisfy who football and cooler temperatures come to mind when you think the legendary power three you think of great serve right selection great did received when you.

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