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The big an attraction to fight as YUP IF NOT BIGGER CORRECT. No He's you're in. Mma bottle bubble. Yes but people still don't recognize I am as a fucking sport people understand Mike. Tyson Nostalgia Belt Ninety one. Three in Vegas. Yes he pops. What's what's the last payment. Worst last pay per view bossing Mexa crack over a million aside from with Magritte's Telemann Tyson doesn't do a mill. Actually Question Cannella was. The last one can triple g one point eight maybe to you know no barely over one. No daily cleared one. I'm looking at because that's crane you don't you know who but if I what Mexicans you have under power black people the buying power when it comes to pay per view of black people in the youth. They don't buy that. Shoot they steal it? Especially now because the climate of the world has changed. Because everybody's cutting the cord. Everybody I got home like do you want to see shit. It'll track willow now glove at one point one. I one point three and that fight was huge thin crack to. Why does this give her five? They're bugging might one but we we dude counter was a circus because of what connor meant to the community may people bought into the connor hype and it was the Once in a Lifetime. Thing and Floyd Mayweather was undefeated. There were so this is an aerial coming back. This is too old Fox fighting in the ring. Yes we love Mike Tyson. But who really gives a fuck about him? Vander Holyfield Tyson Holyfield are synonymous together and for the first time people believe Tyson. My wash his ass. Here's here's how here's Miss? Oh Boy Mike Tyson fights whoever does a ton of is van Holyfield fight somebody you think is not talking about no but they have history. I'm just asking. The question. Have History. It's deluge of just talking about the drawing power. Mike Tyson draw correct. There's a story line here that exists correct fifty something years old. Nobody's paying four million. People are not buying this fight. You're out all old. You underestimate the stupidity. Know-how nation people buying people. Still with us. It's awesome still. Nobody's buying pay per view. Is like that anymore. That McGregor was a circus shows. Two years ago. This would it be a circus? This this would not be the circus degree because you big back. Neither of those men will do the vigorous storing media obligations. Day Won't do that to the extent they don't have the energy that Conor McGregor Hats Tyson has working podcast Tyson if Tyson wants to be on. Espn right now. Were shutting down whatever the hell is on television. The tore between Mayweather McGregor drove buys because of the entertainment value. Even though it was ridiculous those two we just talking Shit I. I don't think I could bear to watch holyfield-tyson talk shows each other. It would replace the weekend before we would play the first fight. And the second and it's free people would that but people are four million people aren't buying that fight. Oh boy fifty years old. You're because you're so that's fine. I'll let you be wrong here. So I'm not on four million people four million. It does if it doesn't do better by doesn't do better than McGregor. There's an floyd in a way. This four million is that's house it like. What is the fucking record? What is wrong with guys? He's coming back dude informally when he was active and pay per view was in every household he and do that number when he was active knocking. People out the big attraction. Embossing people to named for Floyd Snooze. Fats we knew what we're going to get floyd a school. What's what's going to talking about. You know what I'm saying like him versus McGregor. We knew it was going to be a one-sided traffic school but everybody that people Dixie McGregor migraines those same people by into Tyson McGregor macklin workout. If I were McGregor. Sold to fight was also recently by with conor McGregor because he was knocking people out in the May. Where's mayweather was undefeated considered old when he really wasn't so you had boxing versus MMA. There was a completely different storyline. Two old men fighting connor just lost a year before. But we're talking about Conor McGregor recency bias. He Kinda mcgurk is has been a superstar for a wild and he's not Mike Tyson. Floyd home is is barely the star. Mike tightness. There's a difference between people that you want to watch in a car accident versus people that you WanNa Watch fight. People WanNa Watch Conor McGregor fight. People WanNa Floyd Mayweather loops. I don't know what people WANNA see. Vander Holyfield Tyson knocked his ass out but people told want to pay four million. People AREN'T GONNA want to pay not for not for all right. We'll let the people decide but I drastically disagree with you. Do let them in a bigger number now than you. When I saw something two years ago between two guys that I think this could equal the amount of buzz two years because between the undefeated pound for pound cash king who was the pay per view king who killed Tyson's numbers even before fighters inflation. Yes yes yes. He's even better. He built a better basis correct. Yes yes Tyson do. Tyson is going to take advantage of one of his prime years. People will be curious they will buy four million people will absolutely not by despite three billion minimum stealing because people dog hope they should ask and this. This four million number is ridiculous for what you to what? I'll give you one in a possible I won't. There is no way I'm giving you four million for this trait. We are stopping. We're stopping at this and I still owe you one but we're doing it again. Dinner do another bridge Beck Co Co Brunch. Bet Gimmie three five. Now you got four you ask before you get four more for. I'm confident I'll take four Tyson. Holyfield does four million pay per view. Buys you guys her to here. I I'm going Brunch. Bet I'll yet buffets aren't even open find somewhere brunch. Bet this do it. I'm caching now. My wife is outside of wherever recorded. Takes me no more bets excavation? Release just as you know. I'm standing by this bet. It's done income on four million runge. Gak like four drunk. I'm barely through this crowd. Peach all right. So let's let's take a quick break when we come back. Let's run through this. Mma card and talk more about John. Jones Francis Gano. You stay right. There might make another bet on the other side of this. We'll be right back.

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