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The airline with about five billion dollars I'm Bob sack turning up the heat on cove it nineteen and bed bugs Stephan Kaufman has that the national institutes of health recently approved high heat the kind used to kill bed bugs for corona virus decontamination the decision by the NIH prompted David James the owner of a Colorado pest control company to start thinking about his customers complaints that they only had access to one mask to protect themselves from the virus is it possible that you could heat sterilize the mass and then when you start looking into the numbers game obvious that the bed bug industry these temperatures can accomplish the goal of sterilizing Massimo quickness James then contacted a former intensive care unit nurse with the idea of combining their knowledge to encourage hospitals to incorporate high heat into their response to covert nineteen our local hospital tomorrow everything in the room get sterilized and when you consider the similarities James says using high heat just makes sense that bugs are prevalent in high population density areas probably James to be the same way not only the same equipment kills both in the same equipment readily available James calls it a crazy the idea for crazy times both the corona virus and bed bugs cannot survive above one hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit I'm Stephan Kaufman at ten till Robert workman has sports if you're yearning for real live baseball on your television today is your lucky day it's opening day in the Korea baseball organization and ESPN is showing one game a day starting this morning from South Korea yes I said this morning with the thirteen hour time difference between Seoul and the east coast meaning that most weekday games will be taking place right about now and weekend games even earlier no fans in attendance for these games and don't get too attached if any player or coach becomes infected with the covert nineteen virus legal shut down for a three week minimum college basketball Louisville received a notice of allegations of the NC double a on Monday including one level one allegation of improper recruiting offers and three level two allegations one of which is against former coach Rick Pitino Louisville is the seventh program to receive a notice stemming from an FBI investigation along with Kansas NC state Oklahoma state South Carolina southern California and T. C. you have ninety days to reply we have an official release date for the NFL twenty twenty schedule Thursday night at eight PM eastern that announcement yesterday the NFL also adviser we know international games this season as a concession to the corona virus outbreak opening night set for September tenth Super Bowl fifty five next February seventh in Tampa the first preseason game hall of fame game in canton Ohio will be August sixth lord willing and the curve don't rise tickets for the cowboys and Steelers sold out in twenty two minutes when they went on sale last winter now the hall says they have contingency plans for the game and induction ceremonies just in case and save on the don Shula winningest coach in NFL history three hundred forty seven wins including regular season and playoffs starting in nineteen sixty three with the Baltimore colts following a seven year NFL playing career after seven seasons in three playoff teams with the colts including perhaps his most famous Los Superbowl three to the jets in Miami sure moved to Miami and took over the dolphins in nineteen seventy two years later he led the only undefeated team in NFL history the seventeen another dolphins winning Superbowl seven because Miami for twenty six years going to the post season sixteen times five AFC titles and two Super Bowl rings don Shula who coached three hall of fame quarterbacks and entertained himself in nineteen ninety seven was ninety years old that's to say sports it's a tale children especially are getting quite an education in poetry during this worldwide pandemic that when American morning continues after these messages okay you know how it feels when you've saved enough.

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