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This morning, actually our first check. It'll be until his top stories just after five, like right around 5 30 till you brought up this candle were told me in chilly in the morning. It's 97.1 washing them a novelty company whose name is unmentionable. They've put together a 2020 Cent candle. It consists of four aromas, banana bread, hand sanitizer, Woody musk and budget aftershave, which smells like Joe exotic from the time. Your king. And it got us talking about what sense would we added to a 2020 candle producer? Kayla is here to join us for this conversation. So chilly thoughts. Oh, I've got so many. Okay. In addition to the one that's already mentioned, I think we would have to add. Let's just brainstorm here. Something that smelled like Lysol, right? I don't Yeah, sanitizer is very different than how Lysol would smell another 2020 cents, at least in my household. Is whatever liquor smells like Hagit has lots of smells. Go ahead, man. We've been drinking all morning around here. What about you? What? I don't know what like toilet paper paper towels are made out of panda kind, like like kind would be the scent of 2020 our mask or cotton. I'm assuming toilet paper in people's houses up there in the cotton range. So that's what kind Okay, Toby, you look like Ah, you're ready to throw something in. But I'm a little bit nervous about what you're about to say for me, I would add to this candle, the scent of a flaming dumpster fire. That's right, OK, sense of fire and smoke the scent of heat. If that can have a scent and the smell of that nastiness in the dumpster as you're about to throw your trash into, you know what I'm talking about, You know that sent permeates. That's the scent that I would add to this 2020 Cent candle. Well, we appreciate that You didn't add the obvious scent, which is the scent of what's in the toilet. So that no we leave. That goes without saying we leave that to the Emojis Sylvia chilly in the morning. It is 97.1 washing them to read more about this 2020 Cent candle, which, by the way, sold out of their first round there like 20 bucks. We've got the story for you. Toby in Chile. Page. Wash FM dot com Now stay there because I understand producer Kayla has some family drama going down producer K that we want to hear about this. That's after eight is still being chilly in the morning continues right now traffic.

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