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Boomer and geo there was something to do with dafa. We talked to so. Aj mccarron tories sale amac. Yeah did you see how i did. Not get shocker handing out who is. Aj mci no. he played it alabama. You know that because. Tell me why you know that. Because his girlfriend heritage fair but whatever. So he's on the falcons now yes he. Tore is a acl handing off the football literally. Wow the attack like an awkward running awkward step or anything. yeah off what. We attribute that to o'regan she l. I don't know we've never torn an acl walk into the call compromise ready and he didn't know it. I have no don't understand. I really don't i mean i've seen some where it's like okay non-contact it looks on assuming this was the one of the strangest ones i've ever seen crazy crazy out. So who's their backup. Now to matt ryan The rookie What's it philippi. Franks eddie the college football guys at philippa. Yeah yeah. I have that right though. That's the that's the kid. Florida steve part cow ski. That was a quarterback nineteen eighty s quarterback capacity quarterback. You wanna know who quarterback jerry. No hausky retired longtime ago. You can give me dave craig next people on twitter. Say that the cowboys are my official team for twenty twenty one. I just adopted dak prescott as you quarterback. Yeah well you wouldn't give me. Tom brady. No doubt no doubt dak cowboy fan liar. When i was a kid. So you wait until now to adopt him whole. That's my quarterback is who is your quarterback right now. Jerry does your quarterback this year and he wouldn't let me take my number one team tampa bay buccaneers fan The jets. I don't trust the new guy. Hate the giants the giants. No i don't hate the giants offensive line. I don't like eli anymore. Because he's got boring and daniel jones. Eli two point oh boring. He's a lot faster than well. He is boring. Yeah he can run though. I know but everyone goes. This is the year why we decided that third year is the year of the quarterback is supposed to make or break because they have the sophomore slump and then year three the contract this year. Not when jason garrett's call the placement. And then i'll get suckered in and be like giant gonna win ten eleven games on then we'll be sitting here in december one in five after six this year. I'll tell you there one in five after six games this year. Close up shop. We say that every year they have a quick in terms of thinking. They're going to do anything because they have a good chance to get out to a good start this year before. Toughens up a little bit if they gotta have their one in four or one in five after six games. I'm giving him out to in three after five games. That's wrong go. Check their schedule win law. I don't have to deal with gregg last week. i'm here. i've been liz watching the giants every year. Here we go broncos. Maybe a way possible win. That i agree et possibly win loss. Why falcons hold on wait. Wait wait wait wait. Fits in washington a law office magic. Why is it a win over week. Thursday night on the road win a bowl. You can listen. You wanna go tell me at chiefs at box loss loss done you got it absolutely rams loss okay. Fine but broncos washington atlanta north drew. Brees ain't plane anymore. Drew brees walking through that door and the cowboy. I mean i think some of those guys these three and three start heading into that panther game. That's what i see all right. So see. I see i go broncos. You've got him one in nine already. Broncos law scott. The olsen broncos home opener yet starting quarterback for denver Do you even know who's in the competition in denver. I do give me a moment right. I actually drew lock is in. The mix are good that no else. The other guy's been around a while had a cup of coffee with the jets. You should know he's eating. Injury is way too big been career panthers. The vikings saints teddy bridgewater. Teddy bridgewater sure. How many more teams would have to give you for. You could put it on the answer to that. We just listened to the teams. But i do think the giants lose to the broncos. Right out of the game you are and then and then everyone will be in panic game. They'll go to washington lose and we'll be right where we've been every year thousand seven super bowl year lost their first two games. This is not able to calls for four five now. it's his fourth year. I would have been great if it was his third. Daniel jones comes out of the gate. Terrible they go into shades of two thousand and seven all of a sudden. They make a run. Didn't they get blown out in that. Second game packers. The fighting the first game was the packer game. I thought it was at home. Dallas green bay. Yes they went to washington. If i recall. Read tom coughlin. Ain't walking through that door exactly running late here. It's nine thirty five giant fan. Does it matter already. Had bruce springsteen elvis presley comic our climbing trees in bay washington week three and the rest as they say is history. All right brought to you by winters. Rose waste systems out creating a cleaner and greener long island to learn more visit winters. Rose elvis to sing Born in the usa not realizing you've been dead for ten years. What in nineteen eighty-four. Elvis was dead for seven months. All right got it back. From the. I l i had bad yesterday. Quickly gave the mets some life itch. That's lifted in the air deep toward left centerfield product ranging bank. It's over. his head is off. The wall in left center gets to third. He's being poked really throw on the way to the plate. It's time dives across home plate. Safely and hobby are biased. Welcomes himself back with a rifle of an rbi doubled. Let's center feeling to me watching that. I thought he was going to score standing up. I can't believe how close they made this play. If you think about it. i mean really something. He took a really wide turn in the dugout part of a three-run first against david price by later doubled in the seventh good hustle into second to the tag and he would scorn a j. d. davis homer. Mets tacked on on the ninth. I seven to win over l. a. They avoid the sweep of the seven game season series. Finish off their road trip. A two and five. Here's baya's happy to be back and contributed been trying to be out. There been feeling good destroy. Have the team and finally. I went out there today and win. At what does he do. He has the double yesterday or as a single double. Both times is he pointed at himself. You ever notice that he's doing like me. Yeah but they. All there was a team thing. Yeah probably a team thing. You know the yankees do it. There's like the first thing i'm thinking. The teams lost thirty seven. Thirty eight was that the second was the first of the second one where he went on for like ten when he stretch the single in and the camera leaving stopped. i thought what's his name trae. Turner was going to slug him in the face. All right his pal francisco linda Should be back this week. After missing the last five weeks with the right oblique strain branded nimmo. Two for a couple of walks to run score davis homered and drove in. Four and marcus. Stroman turned in another good start six sittings to run ball to improve to nine and twelve in the offense. Finally there from a bit in this was awesome. See i knew they would come around at some point Just baseball you can't go in and out of spurts so this offense is great interest maritime before we heat up the ways ro- haas open. His team can now come back home. Put together back to back. Victories us when we go get the day off and then we started another series Giants.

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