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Will be pleasant if we keep the wisdom of god and the truth of god in our hearts and their close lipson were ready to share them with others. Physically sure spiritually yes relation. -ly yes no pleasant perfect. Does that mean that it will be without struggle. We'll folks chris. And i were just talking about this before. Perfect is not available in this world. There are no perfect people. There are no perfect families. There are no perfect situations so in the scripture says it will be pleasant. Is it promising perfection. No it's not because that's not available but it's promising better. It's promising brenner. it's putting more again. It's an improvement that seeing better things physically because if we operate in wisdom physically we look after our physical body exercise and we give the right kinds of food because we're offering and wisdom spiritually if we give ourselves the right food or reading his word reading and we're talking with the people that are wise praying. As we should relational we treat our relationship is something that need our attention on our work for why we pour into them and we grow and life will be plastic because we put in the right things and we put in the work that grows of our walk with god and our faith in him and lastly versus twenty two to twenty nine. We start with twenty two minutes. Is this do not rob the poor because he is poor or crush the afflicted at the gate of the city in in the old testament times is the place where where the judges of the day would hear the situation that were going on and then we give judgment on struggles that were happening. You're injustices that would happen. And i was telling did not take advantage of people even when it's easy and when we could you know this is this seems really straightforward because well. Of course you don't take advantage of people. Yeah but not. Everyone knows that because there's an awful lot of taking advantage going on. God calls us to not take advantage of those that we can because it's easy and we all know this there are people that are not as there are people that are not as capable of protecting themselves from the predations of people who are more sophisticated. This happens all the time. This is the running joke. Could the troop of the used car salesman. Sorry brad not you but the trope with a used car salesman right the problem with with dealing with buying a car or a house or something like that..

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