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Which means he lists will need to cross the James River if he wants to attack it. which he does. Sticking with the efficient strategies of this movement, some union troops take transport boats. The river while military engineers building two thousand, one, hundred, the Pontoon Bridge strong enough to stand forefoot title swells of the James. On June fifteenth the rest of the army safely crosses the southbank. So the James and heads West Petersburg President Lincoln is thrilled with these perfectly executed troop movements the Illinois rail splitter since. Ulysses telegram. I begin to see it will succeed God. Bless you all. Think way to impress the boss you lists. Gt Regard. Watch, the advancing federal army with growing dread, he's only got two thousand, five hundred men to defend Petersburg and bobby doesn't even know where the Union army is right now. This is not looking good for the old creel. At six PM on June fifteenth US General Winfield Scott Hancock and William Bali Smith. Launch an attack on the thinly manned confederate lines. There men easily take more than a mile of the line and sixteen, the fifty five mounted guns. Now, at this point, these guys should have realized just how few rebels are actually defending Petersburg's impressive breast works, but they don't when field and Baldi don't really get along. When fields old Gettysburg wound is acting up and Bali is sick. So instead of pressing their advantage, these two generals let their guys can't behind the captured lines and sleep in the next morning. That gives gt time to pull in reinforcements from a nearby fort bringing his forces up to a whopping five thousand, four hundred. But. Frankly GT's just glad to have a few hours to dig a new trench for his man. The native french-speaking confederate later states. Petersburg at that hour was clearly at the mercy of the Federal Commander who had all but captured it. Gt gets a telegram off Bobby. Lee and the Virginia General immediately start shipping reinforcements to Petersburg. Across the next two days more gray clad men join the fight and George. Meade orders several attacks Petersburg's eastern defenses. But. The Blue Coats hearts just aren't in it. Their assaults are feeble and cautious. One Union commander sees what's going on. He states quote. The men feel at present great horror and dread of attacking earthen works again. Close quote old snapping Turtle George Agrees, and reports to you lis-. Men are tired and he attacks have not been made with vigor and force which characterized are fighting in the wilderness. If they had been I think we should have been more successful..

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