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Lake. Don't let him know that because they'll just keep coughing. You want to step outside. Rodway your house away. It is for him in here. Just making us last one. Oh, no. So. We will. We'll see you guys out, bring up at the good, the good champagne that's still in place and I'll just pump that bottle, you know? Well, no, yes, that he pop j. j. will say, dating updates. I said everyone else this got thirty minutes here. So it happened and I'll give you a nice play by play. Cheers to that. I don't know if anybody's giving us a play by play a lot of, yeah. I mean, it's been a while, so it has been a year was eighteen twelve. Massive had just brought me in from the field. Cheese. Okay. That's a great update. Thank you. I'm rooting for this guy. I am to go here. All right, shall we just skip. Time. Wow. Thailand waste the time. You're not going to give an update. Good, good. His update is that he's good. And then he hits his huge like smile on his pain cheese, shark hit them cheese, and. I'm excited. I'm happy solve, right? So right. So we have a lot of questions. So the faster we get through updates disaster, you. Of his word. I want to know if put would. I can't even talk. I wanna know would version is being going to give us today is gonna get this. Some wrongness Lord ain't gonna just give us a brief overview summary. Always gonna be very excited. We don't know. We'll find out. I know everyone remember those yellow books that used to get on the books when you go to the bookstore, what are those little cliffnote joy clip note. We go to college store. I don't have. No, no, he's wanna know, swallow spit. Did it happen. Just take the poem a lot of swallow, no swallow, which is disappointed, disappointed, but but no, which is fine because it's it's makes it easier to. And that's not going to be the sole basis for separation. There are a lot of other things, oh, shit face, you know, like, you know, there are a lot of other things that I don't like that. I've seen that. I just when we younger or older, that's a good question. Old old. Young young does young as a little savvy because she's a beast. She's been in game. Older tick, but in the game, what are you talking about? She's in the game. Sometimes the game passes you by like Koby. Has he progress progressive his career? You know, he, he kinda hit us. They Joe. Joe shoe, you know, he can't do like John wall used to do. So, you know, sometimes game passes you by the game. Passer, bys she has the fundamentals and a lot of good could. But what happened is just I just. Either just say it don't. I mean, I need you to say it just don't. You know, she's Lindell. And I don't. I don't like saying bed. That's why I'd like to keep a lot of on. I don't like saying stuff about full. However, she she seems to be needy needy, like a little needy. Like, you know, she has some example of land. I mean, like, you know. So you know, she has a place. He has an apartment, whatever. And you know, always like especially in the last few weeks, seems like there's always something wrong that necessitates her needing some like swift action to save or and or lodging. No, this strange, but these are going through the scenarios. You know, like like for instance, these things, I guess I have to take a word for that. These happen, she she, she would not make this up like she's not crazy. Okay. Canvas AC AC went out like, okay. Call mortis summertime in Texas. Okay. So just handling the ad then. Okay. Someone tried to someone tried to break into my place. Trying to break into your hot as place. Even yesterday, he told me this and honestly, I question him. I said, you questioned question. Makeup. Complex? Yes. She lives in the complex not far from the campus. And it's not a large complex. It's like a six plex that you know somebody the older six plex you know it is over that area. It's not bad, but it's just some older homes, not bad area at all. Call the police. Miss Wanamaker's. I did not want to go down this road audience in my head because I don't. I do not think she. These stores bizarre in coincidental is bizarre..

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