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And i've been speaking to mahomes Quite a bit here of ton and he's told me how well he still has a lot of regrets Over that day in italy in the last year because he felt he paid his fellow breakaway. is too much respect that day and he'd been slightly overawed having having ridden for years on the british domestic scene and he was in the world tour in the grand tour and he didn't really believe in himself enough and he was pretty pretty determined not to let that happen again. A car. remember whether we've already also discussed his spreadsheet At the he'll to me earlier in the vuelta there before the right. He prepared a chart which he then Meister tease out of him. That is some form. Spreadsheet and color-coded spreadsheets some of the stages cost Yellow stages summa green red and it turned out. Today was a green stage stage when he thought that he might. Well have a chance if you did go in the break. He gave it a pretty good go. And who knows without those two punctures that you mentioned in the tail of the tapa line. We could have been even better for him. But i call up off the finish on the peak of the their beer gas. Well my is what is being with some very strong rises. Not very lucky. I think you had two punctures. Just tell us when it happened. Well i started the attack in. Go away go by a minute gap. And then i go puncture and then Yeah i really didn't want to be in a situation that we were with body. Because he was going to windsor. So yeah i was desperate to get away without him. So i go across the breakaway again own. Which is a big effort and then on the climb ten k. To go onto the puncture to catch up again and then yeah just just desperately wanted to get away without basically he. Wasn't that much better so it was. You know it was doable. So i kept trying eventually thrown away. You told me days ago that you were angry yourself lost the jiro for being intimidated. When you're in a breakway by the other guys. I guess that wasn't the case today. Know exactly the opposite know. I'm going to get out in front and Stay on the front and it was definitely the way to do it. I think maybe maybe people disagree. Because i didn't win but yeah felt good doing it that way. And we've heard already about your spreadsheet where you decide which status today green bay yellow day. Yeah i think it was a green day not really checked it but i remember thinking very steep Before we turned off the big main road so yeah it was green day instead of cement climb. You went second over the top of that behind bar day. How was that climb the steep one. It wasn't so bad. We didn't go hard but i had to. I had to make it hard because their own cassette today they didn't they didn't put to answer. It was crazy to go quick short mechanics tonight in the neutral we realized and people are not happy was a green day for matt holmes the boulevard of broken dreams for him today. Unfortunately the you go. There's not a cultural reference. After last night's friends theme friends themed episode very interesting. What he said my homes a by 'em having the wrong gears on the the mechanic doesn't small enough small sprocket on They realized in the insurance. I mean it's unusual for a writer to admit that in postage interview. Am i think. I error in the team. It does happen while i say often. I've certainly heard that before. Well speaking of mistakes Who was at fault for the terrible crash. for j. vine looked as though i mean let's i i should say is incredible. This doesn't happen more often am i. It looked like he was taking a both on getting a bit of a bit of assistance from the bottle. The sticky bothell bought can get very sticky if you sort of a sugary drinks and it gets on the outside of stick to your hand. It's really tough to get off. But no i mean there's a moment where you grapple the bottle on the car accelerates that look like in that moment his car just just kind of drifted on almost underneath the car and there was a collision and dining win. I mean it was. It was a really hard heavy crash. And i was kind of amazed that he got backup and then astonished that he got in back into the break. And then what's even more astonished than amazed the not to to see him on the attack lab. I if an flabbergasted it was it was stunned. It was an amazing performance from him and and shows his talent does make you wonder what might have been capable of. Had that not happened a really strong rate from him in his first grand tour celebrating a contract extension he.

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