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Hey welcome back this is talking to you to me scott scott were here with phoebe robinson of two dove queens which is still streaming on h b o go now and everything right people can watch it it's a great show i really enjoy it's it is time to get to our next guest though and he this is another person that has been thoroughly requested oh yeah for the show yes a lot of people always saying you gotta have andy on because first of all you've done u2 related characters on comedy bang bang my other podcast that's true but you also have and then you did an episode on lauren lap kisses podcast yeah of you talk in what was it you you talking you to me too i'll tell you why because one of the way andy daly is here one day i'm driving around town i'm just daydreaming as you do drive around town and i was daydreaming oh sorry i like i like nitrate dreaming it's four stop nitra it's changed my life to sleep are you sleeping no i got this sleeping i'm under anesthesia for eight hours you wait are you in a medically induced coma for eight minutes twilight i'm getting things done okay this is at home working yes yeah you're you're in in it it anesthetic twilight technically you could be operated on but also getting stuff done and sometimes i was daydreaming and i was imagining myself on a podcast in a room just like this talking about you to indepth having end up conversation about you too and i thought but when will that ever happened what a dumb thing to daydream of someone told me that you wanted to start your own show before this show really knows wanted to talk about i just wanted to talk about you to on a podcast three people hosting this four today we have four.

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