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What do you think? Yeah, I. Think it's interesting because it's super loyalty to the organization to this point in her career. Makes me feel like everyone there is a fixture, but I don't know. I don't know how set in stone stewie and Lloyd are in continuing their careers with Seattle, especially I mean, Seattle won the title, what was it two, three years ago? But in 2020 and in 2020, 2020 and 2018 with the big three, those are the two seasons they got the titles with those three. Yeah. But that being said is that's not what we saw this last year and you know and so I can see one of those players saying like, hey, I'm gonna go try my look somewhere else. And so I would be a little bit nervous as management going to stewie and saying like, hey, would you be interested in a little bit less money because stewie might just say, no, I can get max money from ten out of the 12 teams in the league. I'm gonna go get it. And so, you know, I think Dallas, Dallas being the one without it because they have exactly. Because they're not gonna make phone calls. So those are the two teams that aren't gonna. But yeah, for that, I would just like, if Sue bird is going to pull the Tom Brady and take less, I could see that happening. I don't know what's in superb head though. But I'd be really hesitant to even approach that with loiter stewie because they may just say, well, if you don't value me, somebody else does, and I'm going to go there. I agree. I think Canada is a priority for Seattle. I think that wins suburb does retire. I think Canada is primed and ready to take over as your shot color on the court. So yeah, I think Canada is a priority for me. A lot of the other ones, I mean, you can trade out some of these players. They're good players, but if you lost Mercedes Russell or a Katie or Carly Liu, Samuelson, or Sierra bird those are names that you can find somebody else to pull in and kind of fill that same role. So Canada's my priority, you know you've got suburb in the bag and so really I'm just being really careful and I'd probably just try to make the numbers work to where I'm offering full contracts to Lloyd and stewie and just not even risk it. That'd be my approach. Yeah. I like it. Yeah, again, Seattle could have either the most boring free agency or an absolutely wild agency in 2022. So we'll see what happens. Last team, Jason, we have gone, we've gone usually you and I are pretty succinct with our episodes when the two of us are on. But we've gone small teams. It takes a while. 12 teams, yeah. And we're here what? 80 minutes in, so it's understandable. Washington, last but not least, Washington mystics again, a team with a ton of question marks, potentially, in my opinion, the highest ceiling and lowest floor range. I right now preseason, if you were to ask me where is Washington finishing? I would have no idea. They could be a title contender or miss the playoffs again because they because I don't know what to expect out of this team. I think they're smart. It sounds like they've given a qualified qualifying offer to my Heinz Allen. Megan Gustafsson has resigned or will, right? As a restricted agent, those are the restrictions. Here's their unrestricted, all right? Tina Charles leilani Mitchell Shawn zealous satori walker kimbrough and Teresa plays odds. By the way, Leon and Mitchell, I believe is the third or fourth oldest player in the league. I don't know what her future holds. With Washington, Tina is getting up there in years as well. And we know that she wants a title. If she trusts Washington to try and get it on back healthy, Alicia Clark, you know, you got some other pretty solid players there as well. They really could do they could do some work here. I don't know. I think they've got a pretty decent chance here. And they've got the number one draft pick. So there's a lot that could happen here for Washington. I don't know what Tina Charles is going to do. I don't know if she considers Washington the title contender if you just missed the playoffs. But I feel for Tina Charles, she's so good and went through a couple really rough seasons in New York. It didn't play in 2020, went to Washington where everybody expect, oh yeah, title contender, and then missed the playoffs after giving an MVP type season. Didn't win the MVP, but could have. Man, I get it for her. She's just like, can I just go somewhere where we're gonna win? And so Washington, I have no idea what to think about Washington. I have zero predictions, Jason. I don't know if the people in the actual organization themselves have a super solid idea of what the future is going to hold for this team. So with that, what are your predictions? Let's get out the globe and speculate wildly as parks and rec don't call them as I would say. Yeah, so here's my thing with Washington is and I've said this a couple of times recently. So I'm starting to sound like a broken fiddle, but..

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