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In january um it which point time inc will still be a separate magazine but at some point that supposed to get subsumed by meredith let's let's start there um what is you just mentioned the road aol deal the that you will have closed i think by the time his thing comes out what is spurring this round of consolidation in the magazine this what p i'm disappointed shares in january could us hoping to remind people magazines make a great holiday gift for you can lentil is still bottoming in january stuck had much lener usually let else can you lie that sale less than twenty dollars that reminds people a dozen times a year i us farmers exactly so i i'm here to us elle magazine subscriptions i i think we're in a period of a massive media consolidation not just a magazine best clearly but um by the time you know this airs perhaps the disney fox moves gets done is so when the murdochs are taking money off the table that's a big statement all by itself you've seen the deregulation of the local tv business which has been a spur huge amount of emina you've seen the relaxation of crossownership of newspapers and television the same way market and so no no doubt the rate of uh of consolidation only picks up in the magazine business i think has been overdue for this for some time and um obviously our acquisition of road dale the meredith acquisition historically the kind of number four companies from severe all we wanted of our portions of timing now looks like that's why am i going to happen about the whole thing in an enormous energy play uh and um you know meritous trailing airlines are three hundred thirty five million dollars and they hoped to get four in a million dollars just in costs save that of the deal and so uh businesses operate better at scale an obviously some of this is driven by i hear this too big companies in the digital space that have a lot of the revenue growth in that people realised through bones rich brooke exact i forget their names here on the time but they nina companies need to to bulk up in order to have sufficient scale to be able to drive enough revenue so you mentioned murdoch song i wrote something that's.

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