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A range war with each passing day. More and more protesters arrived to support the bundy's one of them carrying an AK47. the millers were among them. Jared gave interviews to news crews for this one with Al Jazeera America. Jared tricked out for armed resistance against the new world order full camouflage and a black tactical vest, packing, a rifle and a handgun afraid of death. I'm afraid of being slave. I'm afraid of living under tyranny. Jared said to a TV news crew while heavily armed, but he was willing to die for his beliefs. The millers believed that they were oppressed by tarantula police state, but the loss still wasn't watching them after he threatened violence in a phone call. Detectives gave them a pass and his sovereign citizen beliefs didn't raise eyebrows at the Bundy ranch. Remember it was illegal for him. A former felon to even possess a weapon that would have been reason enough to arrest him in another interview at the ranch with NBC affiliate K R N V Jared said I feel sorry for any federal agents that want to come in here and try to push us around or anything like that. I I really don't want violence toward them. But if they're going to come bring violence to us. Well, if that's language they want to speak. We'll learn well that sounds kind of like a menacing statement. I have to tell you. But it wasn't violence that ended their stay at the Bundy ranch David night where it says it was the bundy's they realized that he was trouble and they asked him to leave while the couple was at the ranch. Amanda lost her. Job at hobby lobby the millers were broke and couldn't pay their rent. A neighbor they'd befriended took them in until Sunday June two thousand fourteen that's the day Las Vegas emergency dispatchers field. A blizzard of phone calls twenty to forty seconds. Name. Outside inside. Yeah. The suspects on foot, Jared and Amanda. The white male about twenty five or thirty a white female. That's about the same age. Teams officers converge on the pizza place by writing. One more unit inside there's a horrific scene. Now. Here's.

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