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Minutes the claim Superbowl fifty four from the San Francisco forty Niners thirty one to twenty in Miami pre ceding the big game was a fantastic finish at the waste management Phoenix open in Scottsdale when what is this is super Sunday Webb Simpson Webb Simpson a birdie on eighteen to force a playoff that another birdie to win it beating Tony female capping off a picture perfect weekend at least weather wise at TPC Scottsdale Paul Calvi see we'll have more on the Superbowl the Phoenix open as well as the sons who had a tough afternoon in Milwaukee coming up in about twenty minutes live in the newscenter journey foster KTAR news hi I don't buy you Gerry I thought was important let people know because we actually had some calls to the news room this morning people yeah early like four o'clock this morning the Superbowl okay I just ask theory when I got his all right let's get over the valley Chevy dealers traffic to get our first look at traffic this morning here's Danny Sullivan morning good morning to you we've got a couple of obstacles couple of big ones first of all U. S. US highway ninety three that is closed in both directions around state route seventy one and that's all closed due to an accident it closed in both directions your gonna have to steer clear of that I'm still trying to figure out what kind of an alternate you can stick with but if your traveling to Las Vegas are coming back probably gonna have to take that route of I forty at U. I. seventeen just get around this which is going to be way out for you also fifty First Avenue at McDowell that is closed for crash you've got good alternates fifty ninth Avenue fifty fifth or even Thomas and a serious fire that is has a lot of crews on the scene along which field road just south of what else so stupid alternates there and just avoid all of the excitement going on their bowler dice are you can stick with that instead alright this report it is brought to you by the law.

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