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John McCain or Eric Bill said in for John She's Melissa Barkley, well as the 20th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks approach on Saturday. History teachers. Have you ever thought about this history? Teachers have a big job of explaining about the dark day in U. S history to kids who weren't even born yet What questions do students have? How do personal stories bring that data life as they teach it? Well, it all first starts at what the kids already know about the day students. I see now that weren't even born. It all depends on what schools they went to how much in depth they went as to how much knowledge they have about it. US teach history teacher at Riverside, a university high school, Alan vein, he teaches freshmen and juniors there. He tells me how he begins the history lesson on that tragic event. I start out by finding out what they even know about it. You know, it's amazing. The wide range of Knowledge that the students have some are, you know, I think it was a bombing. Uh, some think it was in a certain areas that it wasn't some know all about it that it was Involve planes and other things like that, but first got to find out what they know and then start to expand on it. Yes, that really kind of depends on what they've learned through the years if their parents talk about it, Mr Bass says the way he teaches about the event every year kind of evolves up until recently, when the troops were still in Afghanistan, and they're now out. Well, now it's over, but we're involved in this war that was ongoing afterwards that seemed to continue. Continue continue and The unsure itty of what our objectives were. Were they reached by, you know, capturing and killing. Osama bin Laden was at the end of it, or it's still going on. So it did change. However, the main purpose was to get kids to understand the gravity of that day. So it's kind of interesting the kinds of questions that students have for Mr of a When it comes to 9 11. Maybe some things that you wouldn't really think of. They often have kind of insecurities about is that something that could happen here early on when I go over it, you know, they know where New York is. They have a good idea where New York City is, but they're not aware of the density and How actually crowded the entire area, the metropolitan areas surrounding it, and I show them all that stuff. And, you know, I reassure them that Milwaukee is probably relatively low in the pecking order for places that That's something like that would ever happen. But you know, that's often a question they have is could that happened here? Why would they do that? Why would they target those buildings? You know, and things like that, you know, and students are often curious. It's kind of the car crash syndrome. You know, It's like something you have to sit and watch and you're curious about it and why this happened and what's going on? And you know, kids just get a better sense of What's happening today, kind of if they have a better understanding about what happened in the past. So when it comes to actually teaching the curriculum, especially the week leading up to 9 11, sometimes it lands in the middle of the week. But this year it's on a Saturday, he says. Every teacher does it differently. Some do it in a unit on conflict and resolution. Others do it chronologically. But, he says this year Personally since it lands on Saturday. He teaches a little bit every day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then by Friday, he goes into greater depth in detail on the day and I kind of like the way Mr Bae put it, we generally you know a little bit little bit little bit little bit light, but we have everything else we have to cover in U. S history keeps getting longer and longer. Well, that is true, and he's got. He's got a big job to do in a lot of lot of questions to answer. That's funny. It reminds me of the 9 11 Memorial in kiosk. Um it's also an education center, and the whole idea is to do that, to like, continue to teach and make sure people understand what's happening and still happening. From that. Thank you, Melissa. Good stuff. Time now for news much money. It's Sam's ECU. It's with the drinking Associates. Market. Update. US. Stocks fell today as Covid 19 concerns blunts growth prospects. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 151 points while the S and P 500 index declined. 5000.46% and the NASDAQ composite lost 0.25. Helping sentiment was a better than expected weekly reading on jobless claims claims came in at 310,000, which was below expectations of 335,000 claims. This marked another fresh low for the pandemic era. Several airlines lowered their forecasts because of the researchers In Colbert, United Airlines, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines each gave cautious comments, however, their stock remain in the green. And Boston Beer tanked 3.75% after pulling its earnings guidance amid slowing growth in its heart salsa brand for Drake in Associates, Sam Zap Quits Financial Advisor News radio WTMJ This is Bob and Mike Hand guide from Brillo. Home Improvements. Chip and Joanna do some nice looking work, don't you boys? Yeah, kind of reminds me of a certain local company that can do work.

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