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But walker scheduled the elections for the fall holder suit claims walker is violating voting rights the walker camp insist the governor is abiding by the law european shares moved lower today in anticipation of the us tariff actions to be announced against china tomorrow us tariffs on steel and aluminum imports take effect i'm louise schiavone npr news washington i'm peter o'dowd the effects of cyberbullying can follow a victim for years when somebody bullies you to your face it's an it's painful and visceral and then it's gone when someone believes you online it may never go away or tech companies doing enough to stop it our series on bullying continues next time on here the program of course underway right after our foreign program that's eleven this morning on k q e d a journalist with years of experience in the middle east goes home to paris after the twenty fifteen terrorist attacks i think the more you exposed to it and i think we can see it in europe now with not that familiarity breeds contempt but it becomes less shocking and she writes a novel about surviving the trauma of mass shootings it proceeds a little bit in the sharpness paris metro next time on the world join us for the world this afternoon at two and then at three i'm hari sreenivasan on the next news hour after parkland father of one of the students killed reflects on the tragedy and the activism it has inspired that's thursday on the pbs newshour whether watchers at the national weather service periods of moderate to locally heavy rainfall expected to continue through this afternoon bay.

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