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Team. no was the cincinnati snowman. You would think but no he owned the los angeles angels from one thousand nine hundred sixty one to nineteen ninety-seven with words. That can't be right that long. But he is your. This is your notes. I i think. I wrote ninety seven right but he owned the los angeles. Angels just to me. He is a member of the of the country music hall of fame and the nashville songwriters hall of fame. And he is the only person to have a star in all five categories on the hollywood walk of fame. My next question. Do you know what those five categories are. I don't wait hold on. He has five separate stars has now because they're all in different sections. I think so. Wait a minute so he has five stars so we would read his review on. The show is where he left five signs. You left a five star review so he has five but he left it on the sidewalk. That's right he has five hollywood. Walk of fame stars sane or so you know what it might be one starbucks as the fighting. The fine wines has little symbol on it. Yeah right so you see like lucille ball as a little. Tv right so go ahead. Guess which guess what. The five categories are. I'm guessing tv. Right yes i will music. Yes movies radio radio. My radio is one okay. And then i don't know vaudeville like close So music tv movies film radio stage them for stage do they live. Performance live performance. They call it start like in baseball baseball owning possibly til ninety seven or ninety seven. How it is okay. I was very nervous great. I own a baseball team when mighty morphin power rangers everything gene. Autry was really like a like he did everything he the the films he made were like sort of groundbreaking in a way. I mean they call him the singing cowboy because he had a a film called the singing cowboy and he led the way for people. Like roy rogers and and those kinds of individuals who became a genre There's but i'm not. I'm not talking more about gene autry because we've already spoken about gene autry. I think so but there is my final gene. Autry fact is that there's a town named after him in oklahoma called gene. Autry gene autry. Oklahoma isn't that amazing is that was like was there a reason for that. Did he like save the town from a flood or something like why. Why no idea. I have no idea. But there's also a there's also like the angels did their spring training right. There's a precinct somewhere named after him. But yeah so. That's our gene autry now. Well the other thing. And margie notre. I don't know if you mentioned this but we talked about for rudolph was at. He had a big hit with rudolf. Yes somewhat unexpectedly obviously wanted it to be hit. It was a head and then he was like oh i guess christmases my thing now or holidays. My thing well yes so then the next year it was like i gotta do and he was like i do frosty. 'cause i gotta i gotta keep this train role so this is so this is the thing right. I wanna talk a little bit. We'll get into that. But i want to talk a little bit about walter walter. Rollins and steve nelson. They're just really you know they're just songwriters. Walter jack. Rollins was born in west virginia on september fifteenth. Nineteen o six. Obviously he cowrote frosty. and he. He'll here comes peter..

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