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I think and and you know the guy the the people who do the headlines what more eyeballs so i i believe that first of all we have to enforce the border we we a nation that can't control his borders has done a nation and i believe we must control the borders we locked the doors of our homes we have to we have to have control over who comes in and who goes out and who they are and why they're doing it but at the same time don't think we should blame are allow children to be abused because of parents and adults misbehavior you know my first question and i asked in my oped was who are these adults south of the border that are either abandoning or leading or leading these children come to the border go through this predator strewn trek across the south across mexico to get to the united states and and eighty percent of them are showing up unaccompanied by themselves and i'm told that a horrifically high number of the girls have been sexually abused by the time they get to the border i mean this this is horrific child abuse that happens on the south side of the border but we shouldn't compounded on the north side of the border i think we've got to but the welfare of children i however they got here i wanna ask you what may sound like a loaded question and the website is sas dot edu it is the president of the southern evangelical seminary it's dr richard land i it's gonna sound loaded but it's not i mean this how is it that we weren't thinking of the children i by separating them from people who are breaking the law and we weren't keeping them in cages and detention centers we were sending them basically recreation centers have you seen the pictures of the videos they had great amenities and we listen doctor you and i both can agree that we didn't know that these reading their parents or even relatives they could have been pretending to be relevant these children as i pointed out in my op ed you know eighty eighty percent of these people on a company and it's been a huge increase in the number of children have have show with adults who are not their parents legal biological or otherwise in fact i'm told by high officials and the justice department that they are going to start using dna kids to have to write because we have they figured out that the people south of the border the the the lawbreakers have figured out the way to game the system is destroyed with children and that these become the trojan horse that gets them into the country and also one of the things that people don't seem to understand because of the way the press is reporting is if you show up at a valid point of entry and you you you make a claim for asylum you're not going to be put in jail anyway you're going to get a hearing but if you try to try to cross the border illegally not at a valid entry point then you're going to be arrested for breaking the law and the the court system our federal court system has a ruling that says that children cannot be detained with their parents for longer than a certain periods so that's why they're being separated you know but when you see these images of small children being separated from their parents i mean you know there there is a trauma effect we know this if for nothing else we know from world war two from the british children who were evacuated this had long term consequences listen i i would hate to have been separated from my parents when i was right boy so yeah we we i believe we got to enforce the law we got to deal with people who are kind of trying to come in illegally but we we you know this is why for instance i am for a pathway to at least permanent legal status for for the the children who were brought here by their parents because they didn't break the law their parents.

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