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Let's go back to marry in Braintree. Hey, Mary. Welcome next to the rake Central nights I called a line. What do you think about this whole defund the police movement. I think it's wacky. I immediately thought of three things when I saw it on the news today at noon, the first was what Officer Dan in Florida has said the first night I thought it was. What if You know when the citizens The new traffic citizens goes to the person's driver store and, you know, roll down your window. And what if the person gets a gun and just blows? A person's face off. And then the second thing I thought it was. The citizen doesn't have a computer in their car to run the person's license plate or their driver's license to check to see if the driver has previous warrants. And then will so 1,000,000,000 traffic person. Um, a during sobriety test. Will they be trained and pulling people over and making them walk the line and tilt their head back? And, you know, so I just those who were the three things that popped out and I want to know what you thought about that. Well, I grew that those are all items that you you need a police officer there. But but the the organizations and the people who are pushing for this, they don't care. They just want to find anyway that they can roll back police departments across the country. They don't like police. For some reason, I know that there are some people who have had bad experiences with police. We've seen that there have been bad police officers, But that doesn't mean you attacked the institution. Police officers of police departments have served as well. For many years for decades in this country and to turn around and say, Well, we could follow some sort of European model or something like that, where the police don't have weapons on DH. We use civilians for traffic enforcement. To me, it's total insanity. And it was exactly what I respect I would expect to come out of the Cambridge City Council. Those folks I think we're just They're out of touch with reality, at least at least any reality that I know. But here's what will happen if it if it does if it is adopted in Cambridge or proposed seriously in Cambridge. They are. You'll have it in your community. So you're in Braintree. Hold the line in Braintree. That's all I can say No, and the last thing I want to say is the other police Story. They had all the news was. There were two policemen that pulled a two year old baby girl out of her swimming pool, and she was all purple. And they brought her back to life. How will those stories unfortunately, are underreported. I'm glad it was on at least one of the TV stations today. It sounds to me like you said on the new news. Oh, I think I just think the animosity towards police and it's really been bumped up. I mean, there were there were marches in New York City a couple of years ago where people were shouting, you know? You know, fry him like bacon. You know what? What do we want? Police fry them like bacon. I mean, come on. That's You know, I loved a please. I have a really gonna have a real deep animosity toward authority to its police departments to be, you know, walking down the street in a parade and shouting stuff like that. It's just something I know you have until may really quick. What did your brother say about all this? I can't say it on the radio. Would you ever be allowed to bring him on as a guest one night? Ah, well, ah, it would either go really well really badly, but it would be really good radio, and it would be very educational for us. Well, I think I think it would be we had last hour as I'm sure you heard to pull if you didn't you You want to go to nights that on demand two police officers, Mario Olivera. Of Somerville and Bob DiNapoli of Woburn, both of whom were badly injured, shot shot at close range in the line of duty. Both it cost them their careers they both are was severely impacted Disabled But they have gotten back off the mat. If you didn't listen to the last two hours, those were two American heroes and after 10 this's when you want to go back and tell point with that gets posted tomorrow night sun and demand Okay? Think and I'll tell my brother that he has atleast one night side listener who wants her to be on the radio. He might be so good. They might take my job away. I mean, he's very trust me. He's very glib and somewhat opinionated. Thanks, Mary. Thank you. Could I 617 to 5 40 30 Triple 89 to 1930. Tive is in West Roxbury, Tim What do you think it would stand to fund the police or what? Well, I called a little while ago when I came to gum up the works in your career, people harvest in the garden. So many ways are there in a 1,000,000? I think everybody can. This is the radio. No. Come on, come on. Anyway. He was shot down. And his crime was holding a trump signed. Yeah, I heard that story recorded that he was a ah on African American male who was very prominent in Milwaukee. I obviously I I did not know him. But the reporting said That he was shot and killed literally on a street corner in a drive by shooting. I don't know if they're apprehended Anyone. I don't know what the circumstances were. Good. Again. I'd like to focus back on what we're talking about tonight. And that is the funding. The police actually thinking things getting scary. We're done. Where we go from here. We can start taking ourselves tomorrow. Hold trumps any shot, Okay or other? I got to tell you a little bit off base on me tonight, but I appreciate you call another lesson. Next time you call. Come on. We're on the radio. You've got to know that. Thanks. Appreciate it. Get back to the topic at hand. Pat in Boston. Pat, be funding the police in your community. Good idea. Bad idea. What do you think about this? No, I didn't like that at all. I was in through different situations with the police. I had a bad time for the first time and then 2nd 1 It was the police officer was pinned to the ground with the gun to his head. You don't have a witness that what were the circumstances of that man? Hey. Get the police to the ground and he took his pitbull and threw it in front of me and told the dog that attacked me. And all the police off Get down on the ground, and they couldn't buy it because I was in the line of fire. I couldn't believe that I got the door to stay back. And why would someone Why did someone want? This was not your dog. Someone was using their dog to attack you. He had four pitbulls, and he came out with the four of them. And there were three cop cars scare and they had the wagon. Okay, so you you just happened onto the scene, I guess is what you're telling me. No, I was in the yard next door. Okay, Right. Okay, officer that it was something that had happened to me. In the past. It was those dogs did come for me. Okay, ma'am, Let's get let's focus. Let's focus back on the table is a little unfocused and I want you to focus Should we be following the police meddle in a way? With the police getting the money taken away and not being able to really do anything. They should try to tell the parents all right..

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