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Maybe i don't know i i feel like pub g is the game that could get knocked here though like i uh the the same way fortnight seems to be doing it to pudgy now the budget like fucking on the skids or anything like that but you know that it is come along and is now like being able to sell a k were passing to be fair the game is fucking free as opposed to poverty which is not uh but i i think i think a lot of things it has a lot of things going for it with like developers it seems like pat i you know it's weird because you have to compare teams sizes and stuff like that epic is turning stuff around really fast on even like there was a reddit thread a vote proposed new location in the map and then the new just added it they just put it in the map i did this the newlook haitian on the other one now operate the right have multiple maps yet but of the shooting itself because that that was always going like i just every time i try that game i just i shoot for a while you i get in a couple of matches and and i just i did the shooting feels to like looser arcadi or or whatever and other they've test out some ballistics models and stuff is definitely still and it's never going to it's never going to surpass pub g in the shooting category i think it's probably not going for that no and i think that's what was probably going to continue to keep me away from it because i looking to like it's fun is like it's more colorful like they're fucking rao warned action the like i feel like i i like it more because i like you know i like heure shooters as opposed to like i like i like overwatch verses you know like a see us go charity yeah i like having a bill of the eu's and i like movement focused stuff which is what they're like like sucked into super viable in pub g whereas in fortnight wearing like even if you're on the open because it like if you can build your way close to somebody right.

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