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Walkinshaw 63 64 in Milwaukee at WTMJ. Why, from the annex Wealth Management studios, This is Wisconsin's morning news. Here's your host Jean Miller. Wisconsin's morning news. Joined by a longtime friend of the show, Bob I bark, and when you hear Bob, you know that good things are coming your way. If you're a sports fan, Bob Good morning. Thanks for joining us. What do you have for bucks fans? Hey, Good morning, Jean. I used to be with you again. We wanted to celebrate and raise money for the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation. Only 2000 and 21 of these celebrity made Very fully framed, double matted, photographed plaque measures 15 by 17 inches. It comes with a number certificate of authenticity. It's selling for $99, only like I said, only a low number of these and coming into the show this morning, probably well over halfway, sold out the Paradise color photograph of Yannis and Chris Middleton and Lopez and Holiday celebrating the Eastern Conference championship. We also have a summation of the playoffs in there, and it's benefiting Milwaukee Bucks Foundation, so If you'd like to go ahead and order the and it will be upgraded if and when the books and I hope they do go on to win the championship for the second time in history, we will also update And you'll get the latest version of this so the toll free number is 1 803 452868 That's 1 803 45 28 68 or simply Go to NYC. Oh sports dot com You spell it and I k CEOs sports dot com or again that number 1 800. 345 28 68 On the last five years we have gone ahead and raised over $3.1 million for Children's charities and a big shout out to all the great listeners and the people in your area and fun fact you were covering the Milwaukee Bucks in 1971. Yes, I was. I was a young guy in those days. I was with the Baltimore evening. So on I saw the great Bullets team that Earl Monroe on Eric Gus Johnson was on cell. They get swept by the bucks that year because the box has some great players to. That was an interesting series, and it was well played series. Although the bucks on every game, so maybe I'm a good luck charm. Hopefully I can do that again for the team, Bob one more time. How can people get this? Its toll free number. 1 803 45 28 68 or just go to the Web site Nike. Oh sports dot com and I a c o sports dot com..

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