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Scary perished sunday january. Two thousand twenty. One welcome back to the cbs sports. I on college basketball podcast where we sometimes discuss campbell fighting donor birds and leaky black matt. Norlander is here with me and it was a busy but largely calm weekend in the sport number. Twenty three michigan state lost at home to unranked purdue on friday night number. Fifteen rutgers lost at home to unranked ohio state on saturday afternoon but as of this moment those are the only two ranked teams that lost to unranked teams this weekend. Though i should note we're recording this at like eight twenty five eastern on sunday night and unranked maryland is at number twelve illinois right now. That games in progress so again so pretty calm weekend all things considered but the only game between two top fifteen teams on the schedule ended up being a really good one. Final score was number. Four texas seventy two number fourteen west virginia seventy the last eleven seconds or something. Let me walk you through it so west. Virginia's up seventy sixty nine. It matthews uses at the line shooting to ten point. Eight seconds left. He misses the first. He misses the second. Greg brown grabs the rebound. Gets it to courtney ramey he blows straight by ted sherman and west virginians. Entire defense collapses. So here's courtney ramey in the lane surrounded by five years. His four team mates are all wide open beyond the art perfect spacing ramey gets in the air finds andrew johns for an in rhythm three. He buried it with one point. Eight seconds left west virginia. Didn't get off a shot on the subsequent possession so texas wins and extends its winning streak to six games. Longhorns are now ten over four zero in the big twelve. The loan loss is a single digit lost to villanova if the nc double a. tournament started today. A that would be weird and surprising but b. I believe shocking. Smarts team would be a number one seed. Come win it. Now come with a norrland earl. What's better than andrew jones. Cancer survivor bearing a game winning three pointer against a ranked opponent and this time when we should we could do surely use a few feel good stories. Andrew jones provided us one this weekend damn writing. Can i get that one more time. Shocker smart.

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