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County betas and it's hard to tell but i'll tell you something right now yes is not dead wherever yankee uniform a uniform he's not that good of a pitcher period thank good and it's a nice game you got on second base nobody out in the seventh inning what is the reason costing one you by by one because maybe boone listen second guessing but maybe boone is thinking with one swing of the bad you have two runs and the lead save let's be honest with one another okay what the handpicked managed by cash should he didn't wanna sign giradi he let girardi coming when the view that say he was he was wedding go he couldn't twist your around so we got picked manage well listen you second guessing already with the bonding i mean yes but the bottom line is they didn't bond and they didn't get bay said which would have brought in the run and the bottom line is and joe de of course forgets how often or almost on a nightly basis calling to criticize girardi for what he didn't do when we know the result and what he should have done after the game is over and why didn't he bond this and that and the bottom line is the ultimate second gas i don't think too many yankee fans listen i may be wrong on this but donald too many yankee fans wanted to see the and and you have to remember that the yankees as jean historically dome but i think i think the last yankee to bond was phil rizzuto don is calling from westchester don you're on the fan was happening senors schmooze how are you tonight i believe you analogy was perfect and of course by the go ahead and well you don't you think that martin would straighten out as senator grain rally i don't know i don't think sunny great looks up whitson wits yeah the reason i called tonight i and i'm not gonna get into the garage thing but because i never happening he's not going to be traded to any team i don't think so now but the thing the thing that bothered me today i happened to be off and i was listening to various sports talk young.

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