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Competitive rates. Sunflower Bank member F D i. C this'll is big Al and Joe Joe, look at a rock thrown in my motor head today. Welcome back to big L. A judge on care when he was ready away 50 a. M and 94 1 and famine. Of course, everywhere on the free I heart radio app. We had a long discussion yesterday. On and we even had it with our NFL network. It's Saturday and wrap report about What the Philadelphia Eagles did. On Sunday night and in big gala as a former player in this league. You thought it was. You thought it was a disgrace. Yeah, I thought it was I thought what I saw on Sunday night. You got to remember the NFL has a right to flex. The last Five weeks or six weeks of the NFL season two Sunday night. That's the NFL's doing along with NBC's contract, the best game. Has the most implications are played on Sunday night. In the last month of the football season. The Eagles had the last Monday night football game. It just tells you how important the game was and what it meant for. The NFC East. Okay. They played the Washington football team. And they did the unthinkable. And moments where obvious situations presented themselves. They did the opposite. And I had you know, I haven't seen some now. There was a moment when Julia drivel Drew Andrew Luck was coming out of Stanford. The can't miss. Overall, he's the best. Draft pick Okay in the history of the NFL. Since John Elway. And the coach had Moment there where they could have won a game and they did something that was ridiculous. But it wasn't as bad as what the Eagles did by changing out the quarterback and not taking the three points that were presented to you. From the three yard line on fourth down when you had when you had struggled to score on the possessions before that, Now, listen, I know that is being talked about it. I know it's being talked about on the national level, but I can imagine in Philly It's being talked about a time. Anthony Gargano talk show host of 97 5. The fanatic in Philly is joining us on the hotline. And Anthony, I could just imagine the Eagles fans are probably a little bit Thorne about what they saw. How do you guys feel about this? Now you're right. Dig out. Judge agreed. Period will be with you guys. Um, it's embarrassing. And I will tell you and I'm quoting a lot of the callers that It was embarrassing Move. It was weak. It was a bad move without Pearson decided to do Here's Here's what I think it would happen. This is what I kind of know that they went into the plan and they went. I We're gonna go with their bones, right? We're gonna went is gonna be inactive because betrayed him. We don't want to risk injury will keep out certain guys, and then it will be part of the plan was the place. I thought at some point, but they thought that they would be down big right? So it makes sense. Except when you're in the game she wants you kick off. You got to play a game. You can't lay down. You can't tank. Listen, we're the city of the tank right like asked the Sixers. The process was born in Philadelphia. Fine. Once you kick off or tip off, you can't be thrown games Man. That's when you got real issues, and that's what Peterson did. It was unthinkable. You big al. You brought it up. It worked out the five yard line and you're not going to kick the field goal. It is the guy who goes for all the time. He taunted fourth and one from midfield on their first possession. It was weak and it was shameful. Eiji, I got asked, Uh, I gotta ask you this man because Like you said. You know, Philly fans are like Bronco fans or they're passionate about their team. And you know, having a championship in the last few years, it really means a lot to this organization. Here in Denver, and I know it means a ton to you guys there in Philly. You guys cool with the Peterson right now. No. Well, first of all, I'm with you he's through. He's the most overrated coach. It'll the NFL and it's not for that Super Bowl. He would have been fired anyway. And he bailed out that you're I tell you He was lucky that they want I've been in lifelong Fuck the resident. I lived in Chicago, New York sports writer but I was born in the shadow of Veterans Stadium. So I do love that team and I've never sold Super Bowl and they wanted great. But let me tell you something. That guy is a horrible coach and bad luck. You can't think on its feet and I think he flubbed it. I think we should They want to get the sixth pick. Yeah, I'm sure that's part of the deal didn't get anybody hurt. But he can't think on his feet and that game was tied. And here's the worst thing his players having, like, figure out how to look you in the face. No. When I didn't give you a chance to win the game. I mean, that's the thing. Forget it up picks. Forget about the Giants feel about that. It's about how do I look? Jalen hurts. They say. Hey, Jalen, Uh, you know, I'm asking you to do something. When I took you out. I didn't respect you went off to let you finish the game. I mean, what's that say they figured out what that say you Well, I'll tell you this. We had a situation here in Denver just about three years ago with Gary Kubiak was a head football coach going into the last game. And Trevor Simeon was the starting quarterback for US and Gary Kubiak said he wanted to get Trevor. Hey, want to get our former first round draft pick? Um, there's some snaps at the end of the game or the game was going well, well enough where Gary Kubiak just absolutely scrapped it and said, Hey, the guy deserved to have more place because of the way that he played, and we never did get to see Paxton Lynch that year would Gary Kubiak So endeavor. I've seen it work that way. Where? Look, you just gotta go ahead and win the game. You don't get it. We had a chance to have an improved position in the NFL draft. If we would have lost that game to the Raiders, and we could have laid it down. The Broncos fought hard. They lost the game, but the effort was appreciated, right? Let me ask you this, Anthony, because when we Yes, we are seeing rapid port yesterday and his comment was and obviously look, he works for the NFL network. So he works for the Shield. And I do believe that there is a company line when you work for the league. He said. It was no different what the Philadelphia Eagles did then what the Kansas City Chiefs dead. That didn't want the Pittsburgh Steelers did. Then what? All these other teams did by sitting by sitting there, guys, but I and I totally I totally disagree with that. I disagree that. I mean, if you are a team that is still you have guys out there that are playing for For things that they may have in their contracts. I mean, we talked about a number of guys that actually hit those bonuses that they had in their contract because they had the opportunity to hit them in that last game of the season. Yeah, You're right. Uh, listen, I like rap, and they ain't just my shop. But that's a company. That's that's the company line, man. That's a huge difference. If if I'm secure as the one seed, I don't want anybody hurt, I mean, oh, that's obvious. Here. This fell shameful in All right. They bring it sudden felt. Well, maybe shut. So this sudden stinks. All right. He's got no future. He blows. Nature doesn't belong in the NFL, All right? And they realize that you're not stupid. But here's the deal. Jalen hurts might have to be your story quarterback because they've already crushed Carson Wentz. All right. This is the same guy who has made a mess off his quarterback situation. And now you've got a kid like hurts. What you want to see. We could do in the fourth quarter and became like that. And if he pulls it out, Yeah, it's just a shame that you go from 69. Yeah, this you probably won't get the player. It's like we're not gonna in this draft and you would get at night. However, does Jalen hurts? Feel that much better that what's more confident going into the offseason? I mean, that's real..

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