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Saga one from Frank straight rain continues into this evening. It's still could be heavy for a time. The first part of tonight as well. Rain will taper off late this evening, and it can into some wet snow areas north and west of Tweety seven that can result in some slick spots later on tonight. He's dips below freezing. There after midnight clouds linger breezy with lows twenty eight of the distant suburbs to thirty six at midtown. Then tomorrow clouds break for partial sun, it'll be turning Wendy as well. Milder as well with the high forty seven partly cloudy with a cold wind tomorrow night, low near thirty in midtown then blustery and cold for Tuesday despite some sun Huckabee thirty nine, but it'll feel more like thirty thanks to the wind Wednesday won't be as harsh mostly sunny with a high of forty two Thursday. Increasing clouds with a high forty seven rain likely gets underway that night wind-driven rain could be heavy for a time. Friday, mild with the high fifty five right now. It's raining still in central park, forty degrees there forty degrees in Yonkers forty one in bellmore and thirty eight degrees. In south in solar. Let's try that again. Thirty eight degrees in suffer. Better four fifty WCBS on top of everything else. Going on in the world are Steve burns is now warning us of a destructive bug that's making its way into New York right now on countless New York City street corners trees of all kinds of being sold. They're beautiful. They're lovely, and they may be aiding in an invasion says Senator Chuck Schumer helping spread the spotted lantern fly in many states, particularly Pennsylvania, which sends us a lot of our Christmas trees, they are an infestation. It could be a death sentence for several different types of trees Schumer says we do nothing about them trees in central park on the streets of New York City in our beautiful, leafy suburbs. Could very well. Be at risk making an appeal to the US department of agriculture. Give us the same.

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