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Want to pitch they're had he work as it didn't treat him very well so he was kinda waiting for a an nl team to offer him something so he was only thirty three at the time and he ended up pitching several more years in the majors whereas jay howell who was a threetime allstar closer but at that point was thirty nine and was really kind of you know he didn't have a lot left acieve acknowledged to me and he ended up retiring at the end of the camp because he just didn't get an offer but for most guys it it really did workout and they were putting the work in because they were trying to show that they deserve to spot in there are some pretty surprisingly good players have been wellknown players who were mostly kind of over the hill at that point but you know like benito santiago was there he had just turned thirty he was still really good player baqui tettleton had just been an allstar the season before was still really good player so some guys just kinda got crowded out by the numbers game of the striken just needed somewhere to go and the players association step up in an organized this camp because no one else would have essentially it was like two big a job for agents to to do on their own and said they would scrimmage and they would practice do drills and they would play junior college teams high school teams would come in just because they were in kind of an isolated part of florida a relative to other spring training team so they were just belcher said like we were on an island and they were telling me how weird it was but they kind of think back fondly on it for the most part it sounded like it was fun like guys would just go golfing in fishing and they were all in this shared predicament obviously of of being unemployed so men they all said they kind of look back on it fondly well also still hoping that it doesn't happen again as the as the numbers dwindled in the camp would drop below even like the the number you need to feel the negative roster what a howard the conditions in your findings that at that point because you know of course at first as player start getting sign.

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