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Like he's playing a part as Bruce Wayne, like he is Batman and that's his life and that's that's all that matters to him and the part of Bruce Wayne is is more of the mask. Now that everything he does. In and out of the costume in and out of the cowl is to. Further his his goals as Batman to improve his city even as Bruce Wayne to improve his city through Wayne, enterprises and to. Protect people and to get. Information. For. To you know for his goals Batman his mission. Yeah I mean, he's like he's. That's always the thing like Bruce's is really the mask. Batman is just the person is who really is. You know the mask is just there but. Yeah that's that's one of the things that kind of separate superman. Batman. Bruce Wayne sort of ceased to exist and he became Batman. He's always Batman and now over the years you know he's kind of He still, Batman but he's kind of been allowed to grow into a person. He's he's allowed to mature pass that, and he's still not Bruce Wayne quote unquote he is still and always will be Batman in which is the idea they used for Batman begins that. When Bruce Retired and he was in seclusion not be begins Batman beyond when Bruce Retired and he's in seclusion. Like he's only trying to make the city better but he's still Batman like even that one episode where he thinks he's going crazy when he realizes he's not because he's like I don't call myself Bruce in my head. You know like he is Batman that's that's who he is. Essentially, that's what it boils down to love this. Arise in office WHO's just Bruce Wayne. Hey It's What's your name? Channel. Lynn from black lightning. Lynne Stewart. Is it. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's black lightning's wife rate their. Street, AUB. He casting they're pretty much. That one dude on the board is Christopher Nolan I learned that in another podcast. Really the guy who puts his head up. I assume since they focused on him newscenter frame. What do you call it? I love. That's awesome. Because cress Williams legacy casting to on black lightning. He was an episode. Lewis and Clark is like a Voodoo Shaman that attacks superman? Right. So that is. But you know superman like. Like who he is lies in the middle, you know who he really is lies in the middle like have Kent in in public is kind of lake is is a mask because he's kind of hiding that he's trying to be less than normal. You know he's. Superman is so extravagant and so fantastical like he lies in the middle. So he's almost never who he really is until. He's like. Behind closed doors he's he's always the same person. He just kind of leans one way or the other. Yeah. Like that's the thing about Superman, he's always him. He's always the same person. You just kind of leans one way or the other it's not really an act either way it's just just one way or another. So that way he can. Create separation. Between the two just to just to protect his identity. That's it superman like the superman. Is More a little bit more like confident strong. Clark a little bit more lighthearted. You know and then you have. Him in the middle. That's why I say I like that picture of like. Like in Superman returns you know I think about like that. Him himself is when his mom on the farm not wearing the glasses wearing like the farm close. Unique exactly. That's a great version of him. Then the suit and glasses is like the Clark East shows and then. You Know Superman but well. Like Superman. One minor clip thing on that reef, Superman is like an act like, yeah he's never himself. You know what I mean. He's this bumbling guy that he's really portraying so hard to be Clark and then he superman he's almost never himself and the no the more I don't WanNa say don't like it but it's not my preferred version of Clark Kent. Now Mind a little bit of like Phoenix or awkwardness. But I've always taken the the Clark is supposed to be a generic dull guy that doesn't stand out and if you're too goofy and awkward, you stand out. which. I think Clarkin himself is just kind of naturally socially awkward because because of kind of being sheltered because of who and what he was you know what I mean. So as a person, he's just kind of socially awkward and that's just kind of the way he is. You know what I mean but to like push that to the extremes. Yeah. You you stand out to be that extreme. Whereas Henry Cobbles version, you know. He he's just he's himself but he kind of just leans on that boring farm boy socially awkward person. I'm really to see what tyler does because I liked the little bit I've got with him in. Dean cranes was more Clark focused than it was superman focused ally. Yeah. So we I change sub or I'm hold us away from it. We had Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox whose like. Amazing I mean, he's the voice of God but. Like I. IF I had if I had somebody narrating my life, it's either him or Samuel. Jackson because sometimes you just need some efforts thrown in there I always say. Come, what woody? Gary. Nice. But I love montage of so. The. Part of the reason I wanted to talk about this movie today on Batman Day and and the fact that we know that Matt Reeves Batman is coming as we've got, we've got Bruce Wayne here. We've got this grounded take. We've got Bruce Wayne here he's putting together. He he's he's building it and making it himself to a degree. But all of this technology, the Batmobile, the Tumbler, the grapple gun the Cape. To glide like all this technology developed by his company developed by somebody else and use in him appropriating it. For his for his own purposes. the reeves one I think he's got a similar tape but you know from what from what I can tell from what reeves the.

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