Kathy Burns, Frank, Durant House discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Episode 338: The Swimmer (1968)


Smeal win over the moon with that books this she said this book is my life i i know this character i know the story because this was my life at one point and so they got the rights to that ends basically sat on it for a couple of years sh did the capote films went into last summer and did meyer diary met housewife it didn't hurt their career certainly would think that it would've but they stay busy and luckily for them they had they got such a warm response for the capote films that they the doors opened their the reputation grew they got more critical acclaim i mean the capote films go grahak lane last summer had tremendous acclaim i mean it with kathy burns was nominated for an academy award for performance in enough film diary met housewife got tremendous responses so it didn't it in hurt him was diary of a madhouse wife was that there less from together technically but um you know in the in the in the wake of that they had you know frank had um they're fought the follow up from the durant house with is the western was dc keetch and faye dunaway nherished ulan called doc that was shot in spain and um that was the first time that of perry had when aheadon started production on a film with a script that eleanor had not written she was little jarred by that and um in there was tensions in the relationship that point and um because dire madeira met house whip had really spurned some tensions in the relationship because i was the first time.

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