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I think they're looking at him for whatever two thousand twenty four draught or whatever. It would be thousand twenty three projects that be dr dre back it up. 'cause i was talking to donor the other day and speaking of these young stars coming up the last time there was a legitimate leash. According to like the series talent talent evalu- evaluators slash scouts in the nhl. The last eight plus prospect in the draft was austin matthews. Like were they knew he was gonna come in and he was going to dominate. Apparently there's four in the next two years shane right. Who's up this year and the year following. There's three guys. Connor bavard adam fantasy and the dow aboard divorced ski. That's the russian kid will maybe mitioukov's the next year. Also there's another eight plus i. I mean granted. I don't know about the ape plus rating and how this scots look at these. Can't miss guys mcdavid matthews. Patrick kane's but this kid's in the cage l. scoring goals for saint petersburg who's a top team every year and i think he's sixteen years old. He's got full cage on the league. Dude does so. I just love seeing this. It's it's it's every sport off. It's every sport. The young guns are coming in people who are ready to dominate professional leagues at eighteen years old. Football's a little different. 'cause you can't go till after three years from graduating high school but it is wild to see these hockey players and how good they can be at such a young age. It's so good for the game bingo and that's kind of why we need. We need the stars we need them shine and we can't be losing them to the cage. I'll and going back to what i said about the rated a plus. It doesn't mean that guys haven't turned out to be as as good as the austin matthews and having excelled to that level like kilmer car was not ranked out when he was drafted. He turned into an a plus type player. But i'm just saying is that was the last time they saw guy and they're like this is a can't miss guy that have you draft him. He is going to make an impact right away. Was it matt who made billy guarantees camera bitch. First pitch at the baseball game he goes. Jimmy also take didn't even care. Billy garin his guy in the type of guy. He is though the cooler cats to play in the nhl. In the last thirty years. I would say well. Everyone loves them and they asked they said you know were you upset at all and he goes no. I never took a personally bill. Garin was a guy who sat out twice in contract negotiations during career. So i was talking about the camera. Not not the normal tell you moved away from that but yeah the minnesota twins first pitch in. He's a kid. Take take take a pitch. I kind of did that to Ken casey from dropkick murphys after the bruins won the stanley cup. Like i don't know. I mean i know who he was. Obviously the draw fees. And i was sitting there with john thought and am i. I had an old school camera. Like with film. And i was like. Hey can you take pitcher. And he kind of looked at me like as if the be like. Who is this guy. That guy don't tell you but then i think he realized he said no. It would've been kind of a dick moved given it was like a stanley cup celebrations. So he took. The camera took the picture. But so if you're wondering who that your name was randomly that nato was prison to ask them. Yeah i gotta get that pitch. I gotta dig it out to show a couple other signs to buffalo. They signed Cornerstone defenseman rasmus darlene. Joy three eighteen million dollar deal The twenty one year old is going into his fourth season. he was the number one. Pick any twenty eighteen draft Wet i'll go you again. You're the the other defenseman on the show. Have you been satisfied with his progress. You'd think buffalo's been holding them back to the on pace which take a tough one to say. Because i'm actually surprised at one of those plus plot prospects i remember his world junior and what everyone said leading up no brainer first overall pick future. Nick lidstrom type. I mean to say that about a defense. It sounds crazy. But the discussions on him were game-breaker mcconnell mcdavid of defense and at times. He has looked amazing. Skating's ridiculous puck handling the teams on socks. He's not great defensively but he hasn't been really taught played on a team that that makes it easy on a young defenseman to get the job done offensively so i think right now. If ya sabres fans they probably would've thought they would've had a little more after three years of him being in the league. But i still think there could be true. Greatness ahead of them right. It depends on where it's team goes depends on his game if you continue to get better. But i think the whole offense of side of the game and the puck handling and the skill is all there to be one of the best. It's the defensive zone and being completely well rounded and a true number one defenseman and being able to play in your own zone as well. The the question remains. I don't know it's really hard to judge players on the buffalo sabres. It's jar but it's true that if you're a sabers fan you might be like quote unquote frustrated at their growth between like when he came in his first year. But as you said like there's a massive anchor there in the fact that the rest of the team around him has not gotten any better in fact it's gotten worse so it's really really difficult to judge sky but he is a top caliber pairing defenceman in the nhl. There's no doubt about that..

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