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You let your guard down the U. S space forces. Russia's threat keeps advancing, testing a weapon to shoot satellites out of orbit. This comes as President Trump's national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, cut an overseas trip short to race back to the White House for urgent meetings on Russian intelligence services. Hacking into U. S government computers. That's Lucas Tomlinson, America's Listening to Fox News News radio K O B. J I'm Patrick Osborne. This news brought by radiant plumbing and air conditioning. The Travis County Republican Party thinks the defeat of District six Councilman Jimmy Flanagan and the closer than expected victory of District 10 and Common Alison Altar was a quote resounding defeat for the defund the police movement that has gained some steam this year. City Hall absolutely resounding defeat in every single person on the council needs to reassess. What they've done for the last two years. County GOP chair Matt Mackowiak says he thinks the council is beginning to understand the public frustration caused by police de funding. He thinks that's a big reason the City Council has begun discussing resuming the police academy in the spring. As Travis County continues to maul the possibility of stage five Covad restrictions, Some data could indicate a lesser impact on hospitals even as new cases of climbing near Steve other says most of the new cases are being seen among younger adults, which typically will not result in the need for hospitalization. And day two of local covert vaccinations are underway today after more than 300 health care workers got the jab just yesterday. UT Dell Medical Center Other hospitals in central Texas today are beginning to provide doses as well and we'll hit high this afternoon 57 degrees on Patrick Osborne Get Austin News on demand at news radio K L B J com They're.

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