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That's what makes it so difficult though, because it's not the player's fault, sometimes that the line around them, you know, might be considered that shutdown line and then they don't get their chance to show it. But the fact that when home is, you know, he's part of the engine of that top line. And he's doing all the right things on both ends of the ice. He should be right there in the conversation. He definitely should be overlooked. But it sucks for him that it's happening this year against bergeron's elite season. Yeah, yeah, that line is up 50 to 18 at 5.5 so far this season. They've just been completely steamrolling everyone. And yeah, it is sometimes tough, especially I mean, I guess you could make the same case with bergeron, although they've split password heck up for a large stretch here from him and Marshawn, but generally we kind of lump these trios together and sometimes that can take some of the individual shine off of them and then lindholm came in his case. I think certainly good girls putting up all the points and it feels like he should be a heart consideration or being a finalist, Matthew kachak is being Matthew katak. He's also similarly got tremendous defensive impact. I believe the season and does the highlight real flashy play shooting through the legs and all that. And so he has to be the best at that. Highest rate of pucks between the legs per 60, Matthew cache. I don't see anyone else trying it as often and pulling it off as often, even if he doesn't score. He still getting the plays off. The one that he did against Colorado where he hit the crossbar I believe that in their last game was so impressive to me because of the distance it came from. Like it felt like he shot it from significantly further out than you typically see it around the gold mouth or around the crease, a guy kind of just tries to get some leverage and surprise the goalie a little bit..

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